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I'm so never going to make it by November. Oh well. Finally watched the last bit of The Twin Dilemma today, which I was rolling my eyes about for most of the way. I was actually more horrified by Peri's overwrought weeping when she thought the Doctor had gotten himself blown up than by almost anything Six did (other than trying to kill her, that is). Acting-wise, though, Nicola Bryant is the one who's annoying the hell out of me, not Colin Baker. Admittedly, she seems to have an utterly ridiculous role to work with and really poor writing. We won't even talk about the accent, because I presume that was pre-emptive payback for Kevin Costner's Robin Hood fiasco.

Bizarrely though, I thought the ending was absolutely brilliant. Having the Doctor's favorite teacher die in his arms had a weird sort of resonance with The Last of the Time Lords. And bringing this whole massive planet-moving scheme down to a battle of minds just worked so very well. Anthony Steven may very well fail at credible alien-building and plot that pushes far beyond the possibility of suspension of disbelief, but he succeeded excellently at adding a bit of depth to some of the Time Lord lore and drawing the focus very sharply back to just how alien the Doctor really is ... even if he then oversold it by having the Doctor soliloquize on the matter.

Anyway, just had to pop over and say a bit. *waves* Hope everyone is doing well.

I should probably now go try to do something that passes for homework. Meep!


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