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Body is cooperating a bit more on the female angle. Less so on the fibro angle today. This most likely has to do with having gone in to work yesterday on 4 hrs sleep. I hate being on-call. Still am for the rest of the weekend. Nobody else is allowed to be sick this weekend!

Or to die for that matter. (Because I totally have any say whatsoever in these things.) One of my troupemates passed away suddenly in her sleep Thursday night. I still am not digesting that. Her husband and daughter are in a similar state of shock from what I've seen. I know I've mentioned that our troupe has a member in her 70s, so I should probably add that is not who it was. I'd be no less sad in that case, but I think I'd have been far less bowled over with shock, as this friend was substantially younger.

On the brighter side, I'm off to celebrate my niece's 2nd birthday today (which is one of the reasons I have declared no one else from work is allowed to call out). And offering drabbles at [livejournal.com profile] hpcon_envy to keep myself busy during any of the minutes I'm not already doing stuff this weekend. Not trying drawbles this year. Hands are too uncooperative.

Now to find the energy to crawl out of bed ...
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Now [livejournal.com profile] tw_classic_bb is over, I've uploaded Exit Strategy to Teaspoon and AO3.

Huge thanks to the commenter who let me know that somehow I'd managed to turn the Teaspoon version into a 12,000 word paragraph. *facepalm* I swear that's not how it looked on preview! Fixed now. I think. *crosses fingers*

Trying to figure out whether there's going to be a third bit to this. It was never meant to be a series in the first place, but then the characters insisted that, oh yes, it was. But if it's to go on to deal with any of the radio plays or CoE, things have been changed so much at this point that I'm kind of at a loss.

In other news, we watched Image of the Fendahl tonight, and there's this idea running around the back of my head about Martha Tyler, or more probably her nephew Jack (though I suppose he'd have to be Pete's father, rather than Jackie's) being Rose Tyler's ancestor, though I'm not really clear on when it took place and whether that'd be reasonable at all. If it's meant to be taking place at a time period close to when it aired (1977) then there isn't enough time, as Rose would've been born in 1986 to be 19 in 2005. Still, the idea that Martha Tyler was psychic as a result of living on a time fissure then being related to Rose who becomes The Bad Wolf ... it's just intriguing. Also, I find the names interesting. I know RTD mentioned he took a lot of inspiration from the classic series, so I can't help wondering if this was a favorite story of his.

Ooh, and Blue Gillespie put out the first single from Seven Rages of Man, Grim Determination, and I've been listening to it for days. Plus the two remixes on the EP with it. Black Waltz always sounded like something begging for a gothy choreography to me, but this remix ... even more so. Any takers? Because I'm not up to that task, but I'd lovelovelove to see it.

While I was disappointed when Aeternitas 2013 was canceled, it seems there's now going to be MISTI-Con. That would be cool. *crosses fingers*

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So, [livejournal.com profile] bluedolfyn just reminded me that I never posted a follow-up on how that ritual went. Thus, here it is. Nutshell version: nervous firefly was nervous, but it all went pretty well anyway.

TL;DR version )

In other news, I've also started teaching interested temple regulars a very basic bellydance choreo, which we're planning to do for Philokhoria (our Summer Festival). I did warn them I would literally kick their asses, as I included the Suhaila Squats as part of the warm-up. Of course, rusty as I am, I also kicked my own. Ow.
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Went for my biweekly fibro massage this afternoon. Neck and legs were like cement. I have got to make time to do at least a little yoga each day before I end up flaring. Lyrica and massage can only do so much if I don't keep the damned muscles moving.

I've been getting antsy about dancing lately, so I'd hoped to ask while I was there if she thought 6 weeks would be enough time to catch up on the old routines & maybe learn one or two of the new so's to participate at Relay. (Six weeks would be the time from the final exam until Relay.)

Good news: the troupe is performing, and I'm welcome to participate. Bad news: I'm mostly wanted for the single song I LOATHE.

Confused Babble )
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Will resume trying to read flist after I finally get to see the second part of EoT, because even half the spoiler cuts in various comms are using spoilery text. Meanwhile, memery.

How I fared with 2009's goals and what I'm setting for 2010. )
The past decade in review. )
Okay, that's just about enough navel gazing. Happy new year, all!
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Yesterday's festival was great. Though as often seems to be the case, more after the ritual proper was done than during the ritual itself.

I didn't get my act together to make the lentil soup this year, but priest-dude's panspermia (get your minds out of the gutter) was probably more traditional, really, as it was a sort of veg stew with barley. Also delicious.

Made eiresiones, not using the sticks we'd wrapped at Delphinia after all, and exchanged them. Haven't decided where to hang mine yet. There's not really anyplace to hang stuff on our new kitchen door, and this is much bigger than last year's and likely to cause a fire hazard if I leave it on the altar.

Had the beginnings of a Reiki III class after. Dude, I haven't taught anyone level III since 2002. 2002!! Revising the curriculum as I go, because yeah, definitely need to tinker a bit. But it was good. Feels weird leaving so much of it self-directed, but that's the only way it can really work, I think, given the distances and schedules involved. In the process, I learned that there is a nickname for the "happy baby" yoga posture that, really, as a slasher, it should've taken me less time than it did to work out. (Hint: the first six letters are the same. *rolls eyes*) The day may have been an Apollonian festival, but stick two children of Pan in the same room, and the minds, they shall descend to the gutter with rapidity. This also led to a rather more serious discussion about the concepts of ritual impurity around sex in Hellenismos. I think the conclusion I've come to is that, yeah, if you've just had mind-blowing sex too close to ritual, and it's not a ritual to do with sex, maybe you won't be in quite the right headspace or at least might have trouble focusing, but I don't think it's a "purity" issue that isn't covered by washing up with khernips, which we do anyway.

*looks @ previous paragraph*

*shakes head*

Yeah. Dangerous, letting children of Pan hang out for any length of time together. Did some talking about the next festival, which will be Panaia. Which I may possibly have convinced priest-dude requires a rather more interesting cake than he had in mind.

Back to Apollon, I also got nudged to do something with the choreo-bunny-that-wouldn't-stay-dead that would seriously push my boundaries. Need to figure out whether it would even actually be appropriate. By human standards, I mean. Obviously Someone thinks it would be. But if I do, this would be the first time I'd actually done anything with a fandance choreo other than drive myself (and anyone who's stuck listening to me) bonkers with it. And not in a fannish context either. Enough said on that. Need to ponder it a lot and probably ask priest-dude, J, and maybe a couple of other friends if it would be a good idea or a really, really bad one.

Am frighteningly behind on my care plan that's due from last week to be turned in tomorrow. And had less luck than I'd hoped for finding an appropriate journal article. May just go for anything to do with breastfeeding if I can't find what I'd planned. But I do have the rest of the day. More or less. Minus an APRN appointment and some hopefully quality time with Patsfan before he has to go in for a work meeting.

No grade for last week's lecture exam. Got a 95 on Pharmacology. Given it was open book and damn near every question was easily found addressed verbatim, I'm actually slightly annoyed with myself for getting two wrong. They were, at least, two that were not spelled out and required damn-near coin-flip judgment calls. I will, however, be happy with a 75 for the lecture exam, though given that we received an email saying the delay in grades is due to "ongoing item analysis," it seems we all bombed. Unsurprising, actually, considering that exam was a nightmare of the "why are these topics they told us not to bother with on here?" variety.
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They actually hadn't been bad through September, just long. This one? A bit more messed up than usual. Some of the things are fun. Others less so. I'll cut the work crap, though the third one is mildly funny.

Reason #984 why it makes no sense to have me case managing someone, even short-term to cover a leave of absence: )

Reason #1047 why my boss, though a very nice guy, is a horrible boss: )

Reason #354 why fandom and work aren't really mixy things, though not in a *bad* way: )

In other news, I've apparently now got a rabid choreo bunny to match the rabid plot bunny. Because that's just what I need. Well, actually, it'd get me moving a bit more, which would be good. And there did seem to be a not-entirely-clear-but-there link between choreographing "Chinese Burn" and finally spitting out the Faith/Remus stories, so maybe there's just something about the process that helps me get into a character's head?

Or, you know, the Muses just find it irresistibly funny watching what happens when rabid bunnies of various creative flavors take a chunk out of me. That said, when I lit the candle at Their shrine tonight, there were extra thanks. I miss dancing. It, like writing, is one of the things that keeps me moderately sane. The fic-that-would-not-die and now this choreo bunny may well be the things that keep me from completely losing it this semester, or, if they don't, at least I'll enjoy losing it a lot more than I would without them.


Jun. 16th, 2009 01:11 pm
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I totally need to get hold of the soundtrack that has the full-length version of this. And either find or learn to make a veil that's all "Eye of Jupiter"-ish. Because this is so totally begging me to choreograph it.

Embedding is disabled, so here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1__dINxiXU

Just what I need. Another fandance choreo that I have *no* freaking (or in this case, frakking) idea what I'll ever do with it, if anything. *eyeroll*

Muses? Could you calm down juuuust a tad and let me just obsess over the thing with the looming deadline, pleasekthx?


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