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It took me long enough to get my [livejournal.com profile] hpcon_envy fics done, but done and posted they are. Probably just about in time for the next round for Dragon Con. *rolls eyes @ self* Also, these were meant to be drabbles. Only one came close, and one got completely away from me and threatened to keep going. Oops?

Title: First Steps
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] bambu345
Fandom(s): Vorkosigan
Rating: G
Word Count: 121
Prompt: Perhaps the moment before Cordelia sees Aral after having escaped her own planet? She's left everything for him, but hasn't seen him yet after having made such an enormous, bridge-burning choice.
A/N: Once I revisited this bit of canon, I realized I had to go a tad earlier, as we actually do get Cordelia's interior monologue as she goes from meeting Count Piotr to finding Aral. Hope this suits.

Title: Anything but Routine
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] morethansirius
Fandom(s): In order of appearance: Torchwood, Harry Potter, Doctor Who
Rating: G
Word Count: 1452
Prompt: I would love to see what happens when Doctor Ten, Captain Jack and Unspeakable Snape all arrive to investigate the same crime scene/alien phenomenon/magical occurrence.
A/N: Set just before “Reset” for Torchwood, between the “Voyage of the Damned” & “Partners in Crime” for Doctor Who, and way after Deathly Hallows for the Potterverse.

Title: Everything Hasn't Changed Yet
Recipient: [livejournal.com profile] orlando_switch
Fandom(s): Harry Potter, Torchwood
Rating: G
Word Count: 200
Prompt: The post Voldemort era leaves Lucius disillusioned and (according to Jason Isaac) emasculated - and therefore in dire need to regain his self-confidence/masculinity/virility and a new perspective at the world. Unfortunately, everyone in his own world is too busy building up their life to offer him a helping hand. I'd like to see an encounter between him and captain Jack, a man who has seen it all, done it all but never lost his touch to celebrate life.
A/N: Sometime in 1999, well after Deathly Hallows and before Jack assumes control of Torchwood 3.
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Much to my startlement, Almost a New Friend (second story in the Marked Men series) tied as runner-up in "Best Book Crossover Pairing."

Huge thanks to whomever nominated it, to the judges who placed it, and to the mods who keep these awards running! And congratulations to all the winners!
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Title: Progress
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Snape/Hermione
Rating: G
Summary: It can take a long time to heal the aftereffects of a war.
A/N: Written for [personal profile] psyfic who won this with a very generous donation in the lightning round of the [livejournal.com profile] qldfloodauction. I'm so, so sorry it took me this long, and I hope you enjoy it! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] laiksmarei for beta-reading and [livejournal.com profile] melusin_79 for Brit-picking.

Progress )
firefly124: hermione/snape - bit of romance (hgss bit of romance)
I was approached by someone named Juno, not to be confused with [personal profile] juno_magic, looking to translate my first SS/HG Exchange fic, As Soon As I Belong, into Russian. For anyone who can read Russian, it has started posting here.

It's kind of surreal seeing something you've written translated into a language you can't read. An honor, definitely, and I'm kind of amazed by it.
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What a pleasant surprise, as I checked my email this morning, to discover that How Hermione Got Her Groove Back is on this weekend's [livejournal.com profile] quiz_sshg.

Thanks to the mods for picking my little portrait!Snape fic to include and for all the work they do running the quiz, but especially for the lovely portrait!Snape banner! *fans self*

AO3 stuff

Jan. 11th, 2011 09:31 am
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If anyone else who participated in the Whipped Cream Day mini-ficathon uses An Archive of Our Own, there is now a collection for those fics, which you can either post to or, if your fic is already up on AO3, I think you can edit to associate with the collection if you want.

Also, since [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking had an AO3 collection, I've uploaded the various things I wrote there.

Whew! That's more than I realized. And at some point, I need to upload the rest, just to have everything in one place. At some point.

Now to tend to various fandom responsibilities I've let slide. Meep!
firefly124: fanfic writing is my therapy (writing therapy by savine_snape)
Forgot to do this yesterday. There's certainly nowhere near as much in years past, partly due to nursing school and partly due to the 271K+ insanity that is The Fic That Wouldn't Stay Dead. But other stuff did get written!

Of course, compiling that reminded me that I missed the deadline to write something Snupiny for December for the Year of Snupin challenge. *sigh* I reminded myself more than once over the past week to do it, too. Damn.

Still trying to write a few more [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking stuffers, as the reveal isn't until the 6th, I think, so rather than keep track of what was 2010 and what was 2011, I'll just count it all as 2011.
firefly124: fanfic writing is my therapy (writing therapy by savine_snape)
Mostly fluff, occasional angst. It's nice to actually be able to do a weekly wrap-up post.

firefly124: fanfic writing is my therapy (writing therapy by savine_snape)
Huge thanks to [profile] hpcon_envy and [profile] dw_femslash for the inspiration to write something other than TFTWSD! Three drabbles may not be much, but they were a welcome break.

Title: No Longer a Student
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Rating: Snape, Hermione, Lupin, G
Summary: Hermione's learned how to handle pointless bickering.

Title: Daftest Wizard Ever
Fandom: Harry Potter (if the title didn't already give that away)
Pairing/Rating: Hermione/Remus, G
Summary: Could he be any more clueless?

Title: Not Just a Joy Ride
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing/Rating: Amy/River, G
Summary: Stealing ships: it isn't just for fun anymore.

While I was at it, I broke out the charcoal and did a couple of drawbles for [profile] hpcon_envy, too.

Title: Merman
Rating: G

Title: Reading and Knitting
Pairing/Rating: Snape/Hermione, G

TFTWSD, meanwhile, grew by another 3200 words, passing 180k last night, proving once again that despite my best efforts, it refuses to be either killed or contained. *whimpers* Still and all, a very satisfying week.
firefly124: hermione/snape - bit of romance (hgss bit of romance)
The theme for this week's [community profile] quiz_sshg is buttons, and Numb is one of the twelve featured stories, not to mention possibly the source of one of the mystery passages. Took me a minute to figure out why it was selected, actually, but when I did, I LOLled.

Click the gorgeous, button-laden banner to be taken straight to this week's quiz, and have fun!

In other news, I've survived yet another validation day, though with a warning to do more (er, any?) lab time on suctioning so I'm less a nervous wreck in front of a live patient.
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A good day to celebrate two characters who got seriously canon-shafted.

For one, it's Severus Snape's 50th birthday, which means it's time for

Fic Master List
Art & Craft Master List


Severus' Shorts
Severus' Shorts @ LJ: A brief celebration of Severus' birthdays!

For two, it's the six month anniversary of Children of Earth Day Four, which various fans are commemorating in various ways. My personal favorites:


Ianto Jones Wants a Pony aka the Lluest Horse and Pony Trust.
firefly124: fanfic writing is my therapy (writing therapy by savine_snape)
Title: Sweet Torture
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character(s)/Pairing: SS/HG
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 100
Summary/Prompt: Lollipop
A/N: Happy birthday, [personal profile] eeyore9990! Hope you enjoy!

Sweet Torture )
firefly124: fanfic writing is my therapy (writing therapy by savine_snape)
Actually, grats first. I am hugely grateful for the creative burst that allowed me to write a novella in about a month. I haven't been on that sort of Muse-ridden adrenaline-rushed ride in, well, about three years. It was awesome, and I need to stop whining about having to spend a few weeks recovering from it to get writing again. Said novella is not in the following wrap-up per se, however, as it's not available for public viewing yet. There will be squeeage and shameless self-promotion galore when it becomes so though. *g*

Also, huge thanks to the mods of the SunnyD Awards, the Kinda Gay Awards, Sycophant Hex, and OWL for the assorted award nominations and shinies below!

And it looks like I never did a June wrap-up, so both shall be lumped together.

June-July Fic Wrap-Up )
Awards, Nominations, and OWL Badge - a couple of images, one large, under here )
Fic To-Do List )


Jul. 27th, 2009 11:04 am
firefly124: choc & asphodel v2 by karasu_hime (choc & asphodel v2 by karasu_hime)
The Snupineer Funtime Activity Book was unveiled at Azkatraz and is now available for download. Details are here at [community profile] lupin_snape. There are coloring pages, paper dolls, crosswords, word searches, mazes, and other games, as well as a bonus sticker page that can be printed out on label paper!

I made one of the crosswords, which was both challenging and enjoyable. And it's just great to see the final product!

(Figuring out how to tag this post was fun. Fanart rec comes the closest, I guess!)
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Back at the end of May, there was this drawble meme going around, and I jumped on. Took me forever to make an attempt at this request from [personal profile] emelye_miller for Snape/Willow, which ended up more Snape and Willow, but I did finally do it at work last night. This morning. Whatever.

Snape and Willow )

I also did some drawbles for [profile] hpcon_envy: Snape-Winky shouting match, Malfoys post-final battle, and Angelina & Oliver. Oddly, considering it's by far the most stylized of the lot, I like the Malfoy one best. Definitely need to work on getting better control over the charcoal though. And noses and mouths are going to be the freaking death of me, but then, part of the point is to get the practice.

Time to hit the hay. Have a lovely Saturday!
firefly124: fanfic writing is my therapy (writing therapy by savine_snape)
Title: Time Management
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character(s)/Pairing: Severus Snape/Bathsheba Babbling
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 183
Summary/Prompt: A bit of mutual support between colleagues.
A/N: Happy belated birthday, [personal profile] juniperus! I hope you had a wonderful day and that you enjoy your gift.

Time Management )
firefly124: fanfic writing is my therapy (writing therapy by savine_snape)
Title: Last Copy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character(s)/Pairing: SS/HG
Rating: G
Word count: 322
Summary/Prompt: Snape/Hermione and a bookstore encounter... but not the usual, because they embarrassingly discover that they're each addicted to the same utterly trashy series of novels.
A/N: Happy belated birthday, [personal profile] bluestocking79! Hope you had a wonderful day and that you enjoy your gift.

Last Copy )

BLU is up!

Jul. 8th, 2009 12:45 am
firefly124: snape and lupin (snupin icon by minuet99)

So, you've been hearing me wibble about the fic I've been working on for Chocolate & Asphodel vol. 2, but there's been another major Snupin project going on: BLU: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, the Snupin Big Bang. It's got its own archive that just went live tonight. Definitely looking forward to checking it out.
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Actually, I'm not sure weatherwise, as I haven't been out yet, but I'm definitely going to need to start the day with a cold shower after reading these. angela_snape aka snapes_angel had asked for drabble prompts of a pairing and a word. I picked Snarry and then fished around for a word, finally grabbing the name of the first object I laid eyes on away from the computer screen, and this is where she went with it.

Title: Sky High (IJ link, DW link)
Author: angela_snape aka snapes_angel
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/prompt: Snape/Harry, hangar
Rating: NC-17

Have a lovely Monday all!


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