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Alongside working my way through Classic Who, I'm rewatching the original (as in 1970s) Battlestar Galactica, if a bit more slowly. I'm just watching the 2nd ep now. Strangely enough, I seem to remember that on one of the special features for the new Battlestar, someone had said that there used to be debate about what was inside the original Cylons. That struck me as odd, as they'd always seemed rather obviously mechanical to me. Sure enough, in this ep, Apollo just explained that the original Cylon race were reptilian, but the machines they had built outlived them and they were still called Cylons. So, um, what's the debate then?
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Interesting backstory on the origins of the Cylons. The clash between the dominant polytheism and nascent monotheism alternated between intriguing and annoying me. Given where things ended up by the end of BSG, annoying sort of dominated. Not sure I'll sustain enough interest to watch more of it, if it gets picked up. Considering I can't even be arsed to see if it's been already, probably not.

Was amused to see the cigarette-smoking man from the X-Files as Minister of Defense. Was more amused that throwing "cigarette-smoking man" into the search box on IMDB was enough to turn up his profile and confirm it was the same actor.

*looks @ other DVD that was brought to work*

Maybe it would've been a better idea to watch "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" before the rather more modern and high-tech sci-fi stuff rather than after. *facepalm*

Then again, aside from the occasional "Wait! *rewind* Was that a useful canon fact I actually might want to know?" moments, I'm finding that at least this super-early DW stuff is mostly background noise while I do homework anyway, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

Oh, yeah. Good thing I did show to work tonight. The blurry stuff inside the box that had been drawn over my initial on the schedule did not, apparently, actually indicate that someone else was working after all. Still no idea WTF happened there.


Jun. 16th, 2009 01:11 pm
firefly124: charlie bradbury grooving in a glass elevator (Default)
I totally need to get hold of the soundtrack that has the full-length version of this. And either find or learn to make a veil that's all "Eye of Jupiter"-ish. Because this is so totally begging me to choreograph it.

Embedding is disabled, so here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1__dINxiXU

Just what I need. Another fandance choreo that I have *no* freaking (or in this case, frakking) idea what I'll ever do with it, if anything. *eyeroll*

Muses? Could you calm down juuuust a tad and let me just obsess over the thing with the looming deadline, pleasekthx?
firefly124: laura roslin of bsg looking surprised (roslin surprise by xmaidelx)
So, instead of sleeping, since that clearly wasn't going to happen. I watched the finale. Some of it, I was expecting. Some was completely WTF. Very frustrated with a couple of loose ends. Must see what ficcers have done with it.

Part of me wishes I'd taken it slower and looked at some between season fic in between, y'know, each season. But I didn't have the patience.

Brain? Still splodey. But at least writing has been happening. Not the writing I was planning on doing, but writing nonetheless.

And now, off to work. This is gonna be fun.
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Writing up an answer to a discussion question for the Hellenismos 101 class, I just found myself referencing not only the assigned books but also Gaius frakking Baltar. Considering the question is about how one approaches the myths, and his rather damning statement about Zeus is fresh in my mind, I couldn't seem to not.

There is, someday, a post forthcoming about how I react to the religious elements of BSG as a modern pagan who is partly Hellenic polytheist. Probably not until I've managed to see the rest of S4 and, from what I hear, Caprica.
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Have now seen the end of S3. I'm more confused than ever. Can't wait to see Razor when I get home Sunday night, as the next DVD should hopefully be here. Because seriously, wtf?

Cut for, er, musical spoiler? )

Now to try to tie up tonight's LMOM entry and any number of other loose ends. If I can unboggle long enough.


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