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So, as it is all now publicly visible here, I can squee even more loudly about the fact I got claimed by [livejournal.com profile] bottledgrace/[personal profile] bottledgrace/[tumblr.com profile] hollygoharder! Go check out her lovely work!

Now I just need to polish up the fic. *gnaws fingernails*


Jun. 22nd, 2014 06:47 pm
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I've been claimed! Can't say by who yet, because the match-up reveal isn't until tomorrow. But I went and checked out some of the artwork done by the artist who claimed my fic, and I'm freaking over the moon!

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Between [insanejournal.com profile] adventdrabbles and [community profile] fandom_stocking, I've been getting a lot of writing therapy for the last month and a half or so. Most of it has been SPN. Just as my Muse apparently got kidnapped out of Hogwarts and Sunnydale by the TARDIS and Hub, now She's been hijacked by a couple of flannel-clad nightmares in an Impala. *eyeroll*

So, there are Destiel Advent Drabbles that sort of ended up a more-or-less continuous series on both IJ and AO3. Technically more ficlets than drabbles with some full-on one-shots. Not really specific to any show season, despite references to the bunker. Definitely not S9-compliant. Most of the individual stories are rated G or T, but as a couple go to M and E, the whole series gets the E rating. Largely fluffy with occasional feels.

For stocking stuffers, I managed the following:

Title: Lovers' Quarrel
Recipient: [personal profile] trobadora
Fandom: SPN
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: G
Summary: Castiel should have realized nothing about this would be simple.

Title: Best Man for the Job
Recipient: [personal profile] ani_bester
Fandom: SPN
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: G
Summary: Even mostly-grown prophets and hunters-in-training need an adult or two in their lives.

Title: Unexpected
Recipeint: [personal profile] chamilet
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: G
Warning: MPREG
Summary: Ianto had really thought that was just another of Jack’s stories.

Title: Make It Better
Recipient: [personal profile] sahiya
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Nine/Rose/Jack
Rating: G
Summary: Jack’s not overly fond of most primitive first aid approaches, but there’s one that could grow on him.

Title: Rest
Recipient: [personal profile] xylodemon
Fandom: SPN
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: T
Summary: Nothing about this case had gone according to plan, but at least this part Dean could get on board with.

Title: Aftermath
Recipient: [personal profile] phynix
Fandom: SPN
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Rating: M
Summary: The brothers rescue Castiel from Crowley’s lair, but he’s been hurt badly and needs some help before he can heal.

Hoping to get some more done before the next semester starts, though there is still plenty of stuff I'm meant to be doing for school.
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The semester is over(ish)*, [insanejournal.com profile] adventdrabbles is up and running, and I see the [community profile] fandom_stocking stockings are being hung with care. Time to do some writing that is fun!

Actually, I've already been doing a bit over at [insanejournal.com profile] adventdrabbles. Digression )

Anyway, if you are doing the [community profile] fandom_stocking thing, please drop me a comment with the URL of your stocking. While the nature of this meme is no obligations or guarantees, I do want to try to write something for at least the folks I know who are participating. That was actually supposed to be the main point of this post, as evidenced by the title, but then I got sidetracked. I think this semester has broken my brain. So yes, please, drop me your stocking link!

*Still have research-y stuff to do even as I await approval from the Human Subjects Committee, plus practicum-related journaling. But actual going-to-class-and-creating-presentations? That is done.

**Am wondering again what the converse of Brit-picking is called (Yank-picking just doesn't have the same ring) and how to offer that service in SPN fandom. I do now more than ever totally get how annoying Brits find random Americanisms in HP/DW/TW fic, because while there may at some point be a pair or more of boots in the Impala, it does not have one of its own as a permanent fixture, and the only time Dean may have thrown a crisp packet anywhere is when they went to dig up Crowley's bones in Scotland. :-D
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after having watched about 30 seconds of this week's ep, thatSPOILERS! )
firefly124: fanfic writing is my therapy (writing therapy by savine_snape)
So that one night that I was trying desperately to squeeze out 500 words by midnight ended up being the only night I wrote at all.


The week was just nuts between one thing and another. I did get some good brainstorming and idea-bouncing done. Helped that I had 2 hours each way on a train with my slash beta to toss ideas around, some of which got really cracktastic but some of which got things moving in the right direction. Whew! Now to actually get the damned thing finished.
firefly124: fanfic writing is my therapy (writing therapy by savine_snape)
Today has 21 minutes left, and so far I've written 97 words. Not an auspicious start if I hope to beat last week's word count/days of writing. Though I did at least manage to keep writing.

Just kept writing.

In other news, [personal profile] elf/[livejournal.com profile] elfwreck and I have been playing around with a Doctor Who Major Arcana symbology here.

17 13 minutes left to write at least 403 words. Erm ... best get to it then. After which I can dither about WTF I'm going to wear that works both for a nurses' meeting and to go to NYC to see Dogboy and Justine tomorrow.
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So, I finally got my [livejournal.com profile] queer_fest fic done. W00t! I'm kind of unsure still as to whether it did what I set out for it to do, but I guess I'll find out from any feedback it gets.

Title: Settling a Question
Author: [personal profile] firefly124
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing/characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen
Rating: Teen
Prompt: Ianto Jones, (novels, but the quote is on Wikipedia if you haven't read them) Ianto explains to anyone what he means when he says bisexuals have to question everyone's motives in The Twilight Streets.
Summary: He knew Gwen wouldn't let it rest, though he had dared to hope.
Author's Notes: Thanks to [profile] the_silver_sun for the beta and Brit-pick. I tinkered more after, so any errors or horrid Americanisms are all my fault.

On AO3 or on Teaspoon.

Note: The primary action/dialogue should--I hope--make sense even if you haven't read The Twilight Streets, but there is a ton of background stuff going on that will probably not make a lick of sense without having read it. I hope the fic as a whole works either way.
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I've got a roughly 1100-word fic due tomorrow for [livejournal.com profile] queer_fest. (Yes, nothing like being all last-minute.) It's Torchwood post-Twilight Streets genfic, so it could use Brit-picking as well if anyone's up for that. Pretty please with sugar on top?
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It's not what I'm meant to be writing, but in hopes of getting things moving in the writing department, I played a bit over at [livejournal.com profile] tw100 and ended up with a three-drabble series.

Titles: Dressed for the Occasion. Not., Life Is a ..., and Heard It All
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Ianto/Jack
Challenge: Unloved Prompts, All Hallows, Cabaret, Cookbooks
Rating: G (How is it that I keep writing G-rated TW fic? Must up the innuendo.)
Notes: While not a crossover, there is a Buffy reference in the first one.

I may yet try to do more with the "unloved prompts" that continues this tale. It's kind of fun trying to stitch them together like this.
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Stolen from [personal profile] bethbethbeth. The deal is to pull up the stories that you have on AO3 (would work for any archive with hit counts enabled though) to see which are the top 10 in terms of hits. Then, I gather, later you compare to see what shifts. This sounds cool to me, as my overall impression is that there are more people reading (or at least leaving kudos and comments on) the smaller fandoms, like Vorkosigan and Temeraire, but that may not turn out to reflect who's reading, just who's more inclined to give feedback. So, here goes, though I'm going to go from 10-1:

10: The Morning After (HP, SS/HG/LM, Explicit, "Hermione rolled over to her left and found something in her way. Rolling over to her right, she found another obstruction. This woke her up enough to wonder what could be crowding her." 314 hits)

9: How Hermione Got Her Groove Back (HP, SS/HG, Explicit, "Hermione finds herself alone in the Headmistress’ office one afternoon with Snape’s portrait, and things get … interesting." 316 hits)

8: Burnt Offerings (Vorkosigan, Miles & Cordelia, Gen, "On the anniversary of his father’s death, Miles ponders the way they mark it." 317 hits)

7: Wherever I May Roam (DW, Jack/Doctor, Teen, "It was supposed to be a simple stop to pick up supplies at the famed market of Avicephalon." 331 hits)

6: Moulding to the Pitcher (Temeraire, Gong Su, Gen, "The chance to serve a Celestial had seemed a blessing to Gong Su, one normally reserved for those who served the imperial family. And it was, but frequently not in the ways he had imagined." 406 hits)

5. Keeping the Goal in Sight (Vorkosigan, Ekaterin/Miles, Gen, "There must be a reason she needs to learn Comparative Botanical Genetics, right?" 413 hits)

4. Never Chose This Way (Vorkosigan/BtVS, Ivan/Byerly, Teen, "Ivan and Byerly are on their way home from Beta Colony when something goes very wrong. Gigantically wrong, you might say." 442 hits)

3. The Doors We Open and Close Each Day (HP, SS/RL, Teen, "Young Severus Snape was packed off to Hogwarts with instructions to ingratiate himself to the pureblooded Slytherins who would surely be his House-mates. By the time it’s his turn to sit under the Sorting Hat, he has other ideas." 458 hits)

2. A Perfectly Normal Day (HP/Temeraire, CW/HG, Gen, "Just when Charlie thought he'd seen everything, along came Iskierka." 460 hits)

1. An Ordinary Man (Vorkosigan, Ivan/Byerly, Explicit, "Byerly gets Ivan drunk, and one thing leads to another." 557 hits)


Some musings. An Ordinary Man is the first completed fanfic I posted online. So my first thought was, "It has the most hits because it's the oldest, so it had more time to collect them." However, it was not the first uploaded to AO3. That honor goes to #2, A Perfetly Normal Day. It'd be interesting to compare in a few months or a year to see how things shift (or don't).

Stats as of right now:

Fandoms: Vorkosigan 4, HP 3, Temeraire 2, Crossover 2, DW 1, BtVS 1
Ratings: Gen 4, Explicit 3, Teen 3
Ship type: Slash 4, Het 3, None 2, Multi 1 (Misleading, because some have implied or background ships but are basically genfic. Could also read as Slash 4, None 4, Het 1, Multi 1.)

I'm not sure any of those stats reflect the overall percentages of my fic. Even though I think of myself as a slasher, since that's where I started out, I've written far more het, mostly SS/HG, though of late there's been more and more gen or quasi-gen. It is interesting that VK fandom does have the most hits represented, as that was the impression I had going in, even though I've written comparatively little of it.

Meanwhile, I need to try and do a little writing this afternoon before it's time to run off to dinner and a blues concert.
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Yeah, yeah, stuff going on. But I only managed to write one day last week. *sigh* Still, I did write something, so, I do get a motivational sticker.


So, now that [character name redacted]'s had his say on the subject in the context of TFTWSD, can he please translate that into something that'll work for what I'm actually trying to write? *offers chocolate, preferably dark*
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I am going to be posting a week of shame on [livejournal.com profile] 5_for_five tomorrow. I more or less managed to get some stuff done on my [livejournal.com profile] queer_fest prompt, but it's more what I have to say on the subject than what the character does or would. Character is, instead, jabbering away on, to be fair, the same subject (ish), but in the context of The Fic That Wouldn't Stay Dead.

(Yeah, it's still not dead. Can it please turn into a giant head and save New New York soon? Except no. Total ambivalence there.)

Admittedly, said character probably does have a fair amount to say on the subject in that context. I sincerely hope that whatever it is, it's capable of translating into a standalone. I should probably, then, start transcribing some of the jabbering, despite the fact that (for MONTHS now) I have flatly refused to actually write any much of the stuff the characters decide they need to tell me about TFTWSD. Clearly, that policy has failed miserably. It is still neither killed nor contained. It is still more like therapy than actual fic. Anyway, if I actually write what he's got to say in that wordvomitfictherapything, maybe then I can make some progress on the fic I'm actually trying to write.



ETA: As I have been reminded by [livejournal.com profile] sshg316, it was not a week of shame. I may not have met the goal, but I did write and still get a sticker:

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Someone on my flist was asking about how others write. This particular writer is very visual, as I suspect most are. So were most of the commenters. No surprise, since that's true for the majority of people.

I'm weird. If you've been reading my random posts for any length of time, this is not exactly a news flash. But in terms of how I process information, I'm definitely outside the norm. I'm fortunate in that it's worked to my advantage, mostly, but still: weird. And my thinky-thoughts got a bit much for commenting, especially as they ventured afield into the links between writing/inspiration style and learning/processing style, so they ended up turning into a post.

Writerly navel-gazing. )

So, your thoughts? If you're a writer, how do your story ideas come to you? If you're a reader, how does the information on the page/screen come through to you? And in either case, does this seem similar to how you learn or just approach the world generally?
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Now [livejournal.com profile] tw_classic_bb is over, I've uploaded Exit Strategy to Teaspoon and AO3.

Huge thanks to the commenter who let me know that somehow I'd managed to turn the Teaspoon version into a 12,000 word paragraph. *facepalm* I swear that's not how it looked on preview! Fixed now. I think. *crosses fingers*

Trying to figure out whether there's going to be a third bit to this. It was never meant to be a series in the first place, but then the characters insisted that, oh yes, it was. But if it's to go on to deal with any of the radio plays or CoE, things have been changed so much at this point that I'm kind of at a loss.

In other news, we watched Image of the Fendahl tonight, and there's this idea running around the back of my head about Martha Tyler, or more probably her nephew Jack (though I suppose he'd have to be Pete's father, rather than Jackie's) being Rose Tyler's ancestor, though I'm not really clear on when it took place and whether that'd be reasonable at all. If it's meant to be taking place at a time period close to when it aired (1977) then there isn't enough time, as Rose would've been born in 1986 to be 19 in 2005. Still, the idea that Martha Tyler was psychic as a result of living on a time fissure then being related to Rose who becomes The Bad Wolf ... it's just intriguing. Also, I find the names interesting. I know RTD mentioned he took a lot of inspiration from the classic series, so I can't help wondering if this was a favorite story of his.

Ooh, and Blue Gillespie put out the first single from Seven Rages of Man, Grim Determination, and I've been listening to it for days. Plus the two remixes on the EP with it. Black Waltz always sounded like something begging for a gothy choreography to me, but this remix ... even more so. Any takers? Because I'm not up to that task, but I'd lovelovelove to see it.

While I was disappointed when Aeternitas 2013 was canceled, it seems there's now going to be MISTI-Con. That would be cool. *crosses fingers*

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The [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking stockings have gone live, and I received lots of lovely stocking-stuffers. There are cheery holiday wish macros, an SS/HG icon by [livejournal.com profile] kerravonsen, and four lovely fics:

A Glimpse of the Future by [livejournal.com profile] wendymr (DW, 9/Rose/Jack, rated T)

Steel by [livejournal.com profile] philomytha (Vorkosigan, Simon Illyan and Alys Vorpatril, rated G)

Patient, Kind, and Varied by [livejournal.com profile] sahiya (DW, Eleven/River/Rose/Jack and various combinations thereof, rated M)

Untitled TW/SJA crossover by [livejournal.com profile] fififolle (TW/SJA, Owen and Clyde, rated G)

I've already said it there, but thanks to all the lovely gifters, and also thanks to [livejournal.com profile] medie and all the volunteers that make the fun that is [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking happen! Last night was hell on wheels at work, so coming home to all these awesome gifts was just so perfect. Please go check out the cool icon and/or the great fics and leave them some love too.

I also had fun writing a few stocking-stuffers, though not as many as I'd set out to do. There's at least one that may yet happen if I can dig myself out of the clueless-Yank hole I dug myself into. *crosses fingers*

Try, Try Again for [livejournal.com profile] ariestess (Leverage, Sophie/Parker, rated G)

Switch for [livejournal.com profile] wendymr (DW, 9/Rose/Jack, rated G)

Foreign Influence for [livejournal.com profile] philomytha (Vorkosigan, Gregor/Laisa, rated G)

Ulterior Motive for [livejournal.com profile] yamx (DW, pre-9/Rose/Jack, rated G)

Living Well for [livejournal.com profile] joking (DW, Jenny/Vastra, G)

A Night to Forget for [livejournal.com profile] sahiya (DW, Eleventy and Jack and Rose, rated G)

Yes, I never got out of G territory, even with Jack. Go figure. LOL
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... because I'm starting to loathe the acronym URI (upper respiratory infection).

It's still debatable whether we caught this round of bronchitis in time to avoid a long-term asthma exacerbation like the last round, but efforts have definitely been made. This was complicated by my PCP's office being closed for New Year's yesterday, but thankfully I was able to find a walk-in that was open and had a doc who would listen to me and believe me when I said, "No, I can't produce more verging-on-green phlegm on demand, but I swear that's why I'm here. I'm not stupid enough to want antibiotics for a plain old chest cold."

Antibiotics - check
Secondary inhaler to go with the rescue - check
Cough syrup so's I can sleep - check
Probiotics to offset the GI damage due to antibiotics - check
Garlic soup and hot toddies for general comfort and hopefully at least some killing of germs - check

Incidentally, I'm hugely grateful to [livejournal.com profile] lariopefic for introducing me to Firewhisky Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey at Aeternitas. It makes one hell of a great hot toddy. Now if only I could remember the ingredients for Pepper-up Potion. (It was not Fireball and Rumpleminze, which results in something tasting like the nastiest cough syrup imaginable.)

Patsfan wants to take me out for pizza. This may be better than having him cook, but I don't actually want to go out feeling like this. That and I'm down to one week to cough up (heh) 7500 words of rough draft for [livejournal.com profile] tw_classic_bb, of which I've just cut about a thousand words and rewritten them. That was probably not the best idea but the fic took a surprise left turn and leaving the old stuff in there that no longer fit was confusing me. Oh well, guess pizza's a good break food.
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First: Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating, and happy Sunday to everyone else!

Second: Squee! My Mistletoe and Hallucinogens gift at [community profile] bowtiesnblasters posted, and it is lovely!

Title: I See Your Face
Author: [personal profile] keenquing
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating/Pairing: PG, River/Doctor
Prompt: Sting's "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You"
Why you should go read it: It's a lovely ... I almost want to call it a character sketch, though that isn't quite right, but it has very cool insights into River's character and how she views the Doctor. And it's both Christmassy and not, with wonderfully telling details.

Third: My M&H fic has also posted. If you're up (heh) for a bit of Eleven/River/Jack, swing on by and check out Chance Would Be a Fine Thing as well.
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Remember the three insane writing commitments I made a few months back? Here's where they stand now:

Fest Word MinDue date(s)StatusWord Count
[livejournal.com profile] who_reversebang3000Dec 6 check-in
Dec 19 posting starts
Complete and ready to post 12/239400
[community profile] bowtiesnblasters500 Dec 20Submitted6700
[livejournal.com profile] tw_classic_bb7500 mini
15000 big
Jan 10 draft
Feb 1 posting starts
In Progress2700


[livejournal.com profile] who_reversebang has been posting since Monday, and there's some great stuff over there. I highly recommend checking it out.

Next bit of homework, then, is to rewatch some Torchwood S2 to make sure I'm clear on timelines, then that one can get rolling a bit more. And I may just try to write a stocking stuffer or two for [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking in between for a bit of a breather.

Which reminds me, if you have a stocking hanging over at [livejournal.com profile] fandom_stocking, please link me? I make no promises about how many stocking stuffers I'll manage to write, but I would like to try to do a few more this year.
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than a sex scene is a fight scene. Actually, if it were a sex scene I was working on, I'd probably be saying the reverse. Both are far too easily reduced to, "and then this happened, and then that happened, and then ..." which is BORING! Am trying to implement some very good advice I once read about the description-to-action ratio, but am also reminded of the extent to which I suck at setting. Ah well. A challenge to be worked on.

*nose back to grindstone*


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