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So today, by at least some calendars, is Mabon. I haven't kept up posting daily-ish gratitudes (or, well, much of anything) since the 8th, and I'm not going to try to catch up two weeks of daily grats. But at various times over the past two weeks, I've found myself grateful for the following:

* friends and classmates who ground me when I need it
* friends who understand when I suddenly am drowning in school
* friends who understand when an absolutely rabid plotbunny has taken my brain captive and won't let me write anything else (I will get those birthday fics done someday, though, I promise!)
* iced green tea, my new favorite soft drink
* that what hit me in the face on my first "active" day of clinical was sterile water and not any of the other numerous things it could've been
* patients who remind me why the hell I'm putting myself through this torture in the first place (and oddly, it's the really tough ones that everyone else would love to pass off to someone else that really manage this)
* my OB clinical instructor, who handled my little breakdown in her office admirably well
* the lovely lady in the campus counseling office who helped me put the next three weeks and all the "issues" they've raised into perspective
* my med-surg clinical instructor, whose matter-of-fact attitude makes it easier to cope with just about anything
* my boss at the tutoring center, who took my decision to not tutor at all during my OB rotation startlingly well
* Patsfan, who has been cooking for me on both of his days off for the past few weeks, as I furiously write care plans on Monday and then collapse on Tuesday, not to mention any number of other things he does such that our apartment is not quite ready to be condemned yet, despite my complete and utter neglect of, well, all things housekeeping

Whew! And I'm sure there's been more.

So that ends this year's round of the Gratitude Project. Happy Mabon to those who celebrate it! And Happy Autumn to all in the northern hemisphere, and Happy Spring to those in the southern!
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Monday: Definitely grateful for the holiday. A chance to earn a bit of extra money before things really get rolling for the semester, and then an evening of watching extremely silly TV with Patsfan.
Tuesday: Grateful that the orientation clinical day went well and that one of my fellow students wants to carpool. We'll take turns, one doing Mondays and the other Tuesdays, and cut our gas in half. W00t! Plus we'll probably end up reviewing stuff along the way, which is cool.
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*climbs out from under rock*

So, more catch-up. *g*

Thursday: I'm grateful for the quiet corners of the campus that let me escape my classmates' manic anxiety during lunch.
Friday: I'm grateful to whomever invented the sim dolls we practice on. No, it's nothing like practicing on a person, but it's good to have this fairly safe first go with "patients" you can't hurt.
Saturday: I'm grateful for the rain that made me feel less guilty for having to miss the big reunion cookout.
Sunday: Now that it actually is the Founders Festival, I'm grateful for HTAZP and the small community that has been growing around it for the past four years, and particularly for the priest who hosts the temple in his home and has become a friend and confidant.
Monday: I'm grateful for the nursing lab staff and their patient explanations, re-explanations, demonstrations, and talk-throughs.
Tuesday: I'm grateful to have an instructor with such great instincts for who needs the most support in the room and for how to give that support without any of the embarrassment that could have all too easily gone with it.
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Per usual, playing catch-up.

Monday: I'm grateful for the chance to hang out with meatspace friends every once in awhile. A nice, mellow lunch and chat is just the thing sometimes. I'm also grateful that, despite my insistence that I could do it just fine by myself, Patsfan did help assemble the new bureau, a project that did, in many instances, require more than two hands and could probably have occasionally used more than four.

Tuesday: I'm grateful for a good visit with the rheumatologist. (Not only didn't gain weight on the Lyrica, I lost a pound, so I get to stay on it. Whew!) And a much-needed massage on muscles that were badly abused in the bureau project.

Wednesday: I'm grateful that I don't work on Wednesdays, as I desperately need the evening to recuperate from the first day back to school. I knew this semester was going to be tough. I didn't quite realize the extent to which it was going to tap dance on some of my "issues." So, yes, recuperation time, very much of the good.
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Friday saw me grateful to the wonderful reccers on the [profile] fangirl_tour, as I got delightfully sidetracked from tagging up recs to go read some excellent fic I'd never have discovered otherwise.

Saturday, I had reason to be grateful to and for Patsfan, as he gave up a bit of his afternoon to help me go purchase that dresser I'd seen the other day and (the part I actually needed help with) bring it home.

Today, I was planning to be grateful for HTAZP, considering this is its fifth anniversary (par-tay! *g*), and I am. While it only covers one aspect of my path, that's still more than a lot of people are able to find, and I'm finding the structure useful and applicable in other aspects as well.

However, I find that gratitude being supplanted by a combination of gratitude and relief that I have a rheumy appointment on Tuesday. The purpose is to assess how I'm doing on the Lyrica, which is great. However, I'm also going to have to ask for another Lyme panel, and that's just the place to do it. Why? Well, despite my indoorness, somehow, I have this bullseye looking thing on my forearm that just appeared out of nowhere. So, er, yeah. We'll be getting that checked stat.
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Another catch-up post.

Monday & Tuesday saw me being grateful to my classmates and the nursing tutoring lab staff for a) lighting a fire under me to get some pre-term studying done and b) helping me find copies of the practice quizzes I lost put somewhere very safe where they will be found in the year 2020. Also for quiet Tuesday evenings with Patsfan.

Wednesday, I found myself hugely grateful to Target. Yes, we finally have one nearby! And they had a relatively inexpensive bookshelf that looks like it'll solve some of my space issues, not to mention a dresser that (if I can figure out how to transport it home) should take the place of my 38yo hugely duct-taped model.

Today, I'm grateful for people who actually like, even thrive on figuring out various cultures' calendars and map them onto the Gregorian calendar for people like me who'd like to know when various festivals ought to fall but would develop ulcers and probably rip all my hair out strand by strand trying to do the actual legwork.
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I pretty much zombified and hermitized over the weekend, so I've a few days grats to catch up, plus some ridiculous amount of emails and phone calls. Good thing the tutoring center's quiet so far.

Grats first:
Friday: What do I even remember about Friday? LOL Mainly that it was a quiet day, I think. Oh, and I connected with a classmate who was going to hook me up with some of the handouts from last May that I lost put someplace so safe even I can't find them. Also grateful that the evacuation we had was apparently a drill. Or a malfunction of the alarm system. Not sure which, but in any case, not a real emergency.
Saturday: Very grateful for having a quiet night at work that let me make some progress in writing, even if I did proceed to let myself get all caught up in setting details. Also grateful for people answering my silly questions and for people who've made vids of Roald Dahl Plass, particularly the walking one that gives a much better sense of the scale of the place, particularly how far the walk along the bay is from the Millenium Centre and Steel Tower. Honestly, I had a very skewed mental image of the place, probably because of the way scenes end up edited and such. So yes, here's to the folks who thought to make those vids and to YouTube for being a place to share them!
Sunday: I think I'm pretty much just grateful that I didn't need to be anywhere or do anything, because I slept damn near the whole day away, which was much needed.

Other stuff:
Writing still isn't flowing, though at least some writing is happening. I'm glad that [profile] sshg316's [profile] 5_for_five challenge is going to continue into the fall. Dunno whether I'll meet goal any too often, considering I haven't been for the last few weeks and school's not even started back up yet, but it's good to have the support of fellow writers who are trying to just make sure we all keep writing regularly. Doesn't matter if it all ends up edited out, the point is to keep writing.

I have about given up on getting something original done for this year's literary mag. Again. No ideas that really grab me. So I shall stick with fic, which does. Even when I wish it was a different fic than the one doing the grabbing.

Watched Fried Green Tomatoes and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants this weekend, as they were next up on my Netflix queue. I enjoyed them both, and I've added the sequel to Pants to the queue, though I imagine it won't be as good. Next series up is Eureka. I don't even remember what it's supposed to be about, so that should be interesting.

I also listened to the TW audiobook, "In the Shadows," read by Eve Myles. It was enjoyable. What's funny is that the big thing that got me? Was Eve doing Jack's accent. She did a great job, actually, both on accent and tone. But wow. That's the first time I've really been able to hear the "flatness" of American vowels that I've heard Brits mention. Well, obviously. We can never truly hear our own accents. But the contrast, going from lilting Welsh to flat American and back again ... yeah, couldn't miss it. Knocked me right out of the story once or twice until I got used to it. She actually did all the character voices really well. Her Ianto didn't sound like her Owen didn't sound like her Tosh, and of course nobody sounded remotely like Jack except Jack. I could very easily be sold on an audiobook just because she read it.

That's about it. Quiet in the tutoring center today again. If our boss weren't on vacation, he'd probably send us home, and I probably wouldn't complain. But I won't complain about getting paid to mess around on the 'net and maybe even get some more writing done.
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Today I'm grateful for late mornings. At some point in time, I was a morning person. Now? I'd love to keep the "no workday starts before noon" policy beyond the summer. Not possible, but I plan to continue enjoying it and being grateful for these mornings while they last.
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Today I'm grateful for professional bra fitters. I went to Zoe's in Westerly today, and I was very impressed. Unsurprisingly, I'm not the size I thought I was. Of course, I couldn't be normal: while the cup size was too small (which is typical), the band size was as well (most women wear a too-loose bra band). Normality is boring! *g* Crossing fingers that the two new bras will help with my shoulder issues.


Aug. 11th, 2009 03:54 pm
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Today, I'm grateful for classmates with pools who believe that is the best place to do a bit of pre-semester studying. What a lovely way to spend a morning! Read, swim. Do some dosage problems, swim. Read a bit more, swim. Couple more dosage problems, swim. Ahhhhh.
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Tonight, I am hugely grateful for well-trained per diems. While I've no objection to needing to do *some* of the apartment inspections on Monday nights, lately they've not even been started by the time I arrive at 7pm. Tonight? Done. All of 'em, save the one that I'd arranged to do en route from the college since it's on the way. Still a busy evening, but busy and manageable, which makes all the difference.
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Today I'm grateful for my Gods, particularly the support and guidance They give when I need it. Even when in the form of a much-needed kick in the pants. I'm also grateful for the friends and community I've found at HTAZP.

Meanwhile, note to self: for future reference, the Feast of Fear is one of those festivals that really requires taking the night prior off. And not just because the preparations involve dream incubation. Not one of your more light-hearted and easygoing festivals, as should be rather evident from the name. I'm moderately surprised I'm still conscious, though part of that may be procrastination, as I have a feeling I'll be finishing off this day's Work in tonight's dreams. Not comfy stuff, but clearly stuff in need of being dealt with. Not sure how much detail I'm likely to get into here, but suffice it to say that as the name of the festival suggests, it's all about confronting whatever it is that you fear, figuring out what aspects of it (if any) are the healthy keep-you-out-of-trouble kind of fear and what aspects are the paralyzing-so-things-that-need-to-be-done-aren't kind of fear, and figuring out where to go from there.

Grats & LJ

Aug. 8th, 2009 03:20 pm
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Grats for Friday: I am immensely grateful to have grown up in a town with heavily fluoridated water. This makes it possible to have conversations in the dentist's office like I did yesterday.

Hygienist: So do you usually see Dr. D or Dr. P?
Me: I have no idea. They zip in here, poke around and leave. I don't know the dentists here, I know the hygienists.
Hygienist: That's a good thing.

Semi-tongue-in-cheek grats for today: I'm grateful that not quite my entire online experience depends on LJ. It is apparently back up ... mostly. I can't access it. (It'll be interesting to see if this xposts from DW.) But I'm not in total internet withdrawal. :-D

Re: LJ, the_lj_refuge on IJ has been updating as new info becomes available. I don't know if there's an equivalent on DW. According to the status page, LiveJournal has been under a DDoS attack since Thursday, August 6th. A DDoS attack is focused heavy traffic in an attempt to make the site unavailable; not an attempt to gain access to anyone's account or personal information. We have taken steps to filter this traffic so that the site can remain accessible.

The site is running normally for most users at this time. Because of the mitigation procedures required to keep the site up and running, however, some users may not be able to access the site or post entries or comments from some locations and browsers. This is not account-specific, and you may be able to access the site from a different computer or network.

Our Operations staff will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate actions in order to ensure the continued health of the site. Additional updates will be posted in lj_maintenance.

There's also a picture of a very annoyed Scotty direly in need of a caption along the lines of, "I'm doing my best, cap'n. I canna break the laws of physics stupid DDoS attacks." Or, you know, something wittier.

It's particularly amusing that they say to go to an LJ comm for updates, when the problem is an inability to access LJ. *facepalm*

Again, grateful for the non-withdrawal. Though, of course, I should really be sleeping.
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Actually, grats first. I am hugely grateful for the creative burst that allowed me to write a novella in about a month. I haven't been on that sort of Muse-ridden adrenaline-rushed ride in, well, about three years. It was awesome, and I need to stop whining about having to spend a few weeks recovering from it to get writing again. Said novella is not in the following wrap-up per se, however, as it's not available for public viewing yet. There will be squeeage and shameless self-promotion galore when it becomes so though. *g*

Also, huge thanks to the mods of the SunnyD Awards, the Kinda Gay Awards, Sycophant Hex, and OWL for the assorted award nominations and shinies below!

And it looks like I never did a June wrap-up, so both shall be lumped together.

June-July Fic Wrap-Up )
Awards, Nominations, and OWL Badge - a couple of images, one large, under here )
Fic To-Do List )
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So, [personal profile] estaratshirai started this back in 2004. I missed the past couple of years, then jumped on the bandwagon on the last day in 2008. The deal is that from August 1 (Lammas/Lughnassadh) through September 21 (Mabon), which are two harvest festivals on the Wiccan calendar, you post at least something you're grateful for every day. No, I'm not Wiccan, and I don't "celebrate" those holidays exactly, but they do form natural divisions in the year in my climate, so they do make a sort of sense, and besides, several on my flist are still doing it after all this time. Positive peer pressure! *g*

This year, I've noticed that several in HP fandom have taken to doing "five things Fridays," so I may try to combine the two and come up with five things on Fridays and/or keep it going on Fridays throughout the year. Or not. We'll see how well I do just keeping up with the basic GP!

For today, one of my big grats is the existence of Lyrica. In the month I've been taking it, I've gone from taking 2000-4000mg of Tylenol and 440-880mg of Alleve per day plus the odd Skelaxin to taking 1000mg of Tylenol once (yesterday, major headache, presumably from thunderstorm system rolling through) and Skelaxin once (and not so much for the fibro as for having fallen asleep in a weird position with resulting awful spasms). I'm also grateful that, sweet tooth and sunflower ice cream and all, I've somehow managed to gain no more than a pound during the past month, reassuring the rheumy that I'm not going to suddenly have huge weight gain from the med, so I get to keep taking it, and as of yesterday, he faxed a refill order to hold me until my appointment at the end of the month.

Usually on Day 1, people post lots of really uplifting grats about family and friends. And I'm grateful for my family and friends, too. But finding something that can keep the fibro manageable and me functional without side effects that outweigh the benefits has been a long time coming, so that's what's most at the tip of my brain today.

Side note, mostly to self, on the tagging: I mark the first and last GP posts with just "gratitude" to make it easier to find the start and end points of each year, then label all the interim posts as well as the first and last with the year. Yes, I'm a bit o-c. We knew that, right?


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