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I'm being a calendar geek. I spent an absurd amount of time tonight putting the HTAZP calendar into a document set up with tables for each Greek month but with a Sunday-Saturday week, because I need at least that familiar framework to hang it all on. This is why the Hellenic Month Established per Athens site, while incredibly helpful, has never entirely worked for me, though I refer to it fairly often and have had it open in a tab all night while working on this project. My brain can't cope with 10-day "weeks," though, even if they're likely more traditional. That and HTAZP uses a slightly different naming system for the months based on the concept that Hellenic city-states would arrange and name their calendar based on their biggest holidays.

The biggest headache-inducer is actually when the day starts (sundown). This is hardly unique, but it's also not the way I've always thought about days and what falls where. So, for example, does it make more sense to map the next Deipnon (sundown Sept 15 through sundown Sept 16) onto Saturday or Sunday? I defaulted to placing the days based on which part we see daylight for. Considering most festivals are daytime deals, not a big issue. But Deipnon and Noumenia are very much nighttime observances, given that they are all about the dark/new moon. So despite the fact I have the next Deipnon planted on a Sunday, I'd really be observing it the night before, and then doing Noumenia that night.

Ah well. If that gives me too much of a headache, I can redo it next year, I guess.

Meanwhile, the next step is going to be to map the Chinese calendar onto it to incorporate Kwan Yin's festivals. Thankfully both are lunisolar and so the months, at least, should map fine. I hope. Famous last words, probably. Not to mention differing ideas of when intercalary months come into play. Project for another day, though. I'm wiped.
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Had a lovely festival yesterday, which ended up being a combination of Olympieia (a festival of Zeus) and Earth Day (on which it only makes sense to honor Gaia). Also, I finally got my phone to talk to my laptop, so I finally got caught up on the newsletter, which can be found here, for those who are interested in/amused by our modern interpretations of the old Greek religion.

Aside: had a very funny moment at work that started with a coworker producing a penis pop, continued with me showing pics from the Rural Dionysia, and hit the punch line with coworker asking if I was Greek Orthodox. Erm, not exactly in the sense of not remotely? LOL

One batch of pictures remains trapped in my camera from Delphinia. I stupidly forgot to put the SD chip in, can't locate the USB cord that fits the camera, and if it's possible to transfer stuff from internal memory to the SD chip, I can't for the life of me figure out how. I'd have been better off taking said photos with my phone after all, considering that's working again. *facepalm*

Of course, what I probably should have been writing is this daunting letter of intent. If I'm to have any hope of starting in the fall, it needs to be done soon. I just really suck at "Hi, I'm wonderful, and here's 500-750 words of why"-type stuff.

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] bluedolfyn is visiting the East Coast and I get to hang out with her tomorrow! W00t!
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So at least one of the topics [personal profile] sahiya gave me got me thinking even after posting my babble. Always a dangerous thing.

Ever since we moved to Connecticut, we've cut way, way back on decorating for any holidays. There's a disgusting mask on the front door that Patsfan put up one Halloween that never came down, and for a few years we had a potted tree that came in the house (or eventually just the front porch) for December, but that's about it.

A lot of that is a combination of space and work, too little and too much respectively. With regard to holidays like Christmas and Easter, there's also Patsfan's cynicism about them and my total shift to not particularly wanting to celebrate them as they're no longer "mine."

But right now, I'm thinking ... why don't I have at least a couple of dolphiny-things to hang up for tomorrow? Granted, there are a couple of dolphin decorations around the place anyway, but it'd be kind of nice to have something that comes out just for Delphinia, for one example.

Maybe I'll collect some of the random dolphins from around the place onto Apollo's shrine for now, and think about what I'd like to create for next year. Maybe a garland of some kind. White with blue dolphins. Could theoretically be made to look like dolphins in surf, if I could work out how, and figure out what sort of material. *ponders*

It's funny, really, the way I make more of Delphinia (celebrating Apollo of the Dolphins) than I do of Thargelia (Apollo's birthday), which by all sanity should be the bigger holiday. Part of that may be the dolphin aspect, and the other part might be that Thargelia is also Artemis' birthday, and I feel no connection whatsoever to Her. In fact, on the odd occasion that I've approached Her, the response has been something along the lines of, "Oh, you. You hang out with my brother, right?" So, um, the lack of much connection (or interest in any connection) seems entirely mutual, at least through my admittedly totally subjective filter.

So, yeah. Thinking about doing more with actually decorating my home for at least the more important (to me anyway) holidays.
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Have backed it the hell up. Going to attempt to update Flash in Firefox, as I *think* that's part of the problem. Meanwhile, I've been meaning to write & post this for some time.

Comment to this post, and I'll give you seven topics to talk about, which you then post your LJ/DW, and so the meme spreads.

Here are the topics [personal profile] sahiya gave me: first fandom, cooking, holidays, hometown, favorite fic ever, weather, travel

This is going to get long, I can tell.

First Fandom )

Cooking )

Holidays )

Hometown )

Favorite Fic Ever )

Weather )

Travel )

Whew! Okay, there's my 7-topic babble. Comment to get your own 7 topics! ETA: In the absence of coherent thought, which abandoned me sometime this afternoon, I will probably raid your tags and/or interests listed on your profile. You are duly warned.
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So, [livejournal.com profile] bluedolfyn just reminded me that I never posted a follow-up on how that ritual went. Thus, here it is. Nutshell version: nervous firefly was nervous, but it all went pretty well anyway.

TL;DR version )

In other news, I've also started teaching interested temple regulars a very basic bellydance choreo, which we're planning to do for Philokhoria (our Summer Festival). I did warn them I would literally kick their asses, as I included the Suhaila Squats as part of the warm-up. Of course, rusty as I am, I also kicked my own. Ow.
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Depending on how you count it, either today, tomorrow, or Monday is Kwan Yin's birthday, the first of Her three big feast days in the year. As I mentioned awhile back, one of my "assignments" this year is to lead a small ritual for Her at the Spring Festival, which we're actually doing next Sunday due to scheduling issues.

Lengthy stuff about designing ritual, cultural contexts, and that sort of thing. )
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I've been seriously resisting any and all suggestions that I ought to be pursuing clergy work as a thing. I mean, technically, I'm a minister of the Universal Life Church, which has so far led to presiding over one very nonstandard baptism in the past 12 years or whatever it's been, but that's about it. Cut for lengthy babble. ) Because part of all this is figuring out Who among my Patrons wants what from me, and what I'm willing and able to commit to. So, um, yeah. That's clearly going to be a major theme this year. Whee!
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Friday was a beach day with [personal profile] bluedolfyn (miss you already!) and a couple of other friends. It was rainy, and the water was f&%#ing freezing a little cold, but that totally didn't matter, as we had a blast.

Yesterday was nothing particularly interesting. Today, on the other hand, was the celebration of Kwan Yin's Enlightenment at Chuang Yen Monastery. I always love going there, as it's just such a peaceful place. This is the second time I've made it to one of Her festivals there, which is an entirely different experience to just going and meditating, not least because I literally don't know the language. )

Compared to my pre-fandom days, I don't post all that much about Pagan stuff lately. I was reminded last night, courtesy of a Pagan behaving badly (Wrong On The Internet doesn't even cover it), both why I don't post about this stuff more often and why I probably should. Because if only the completely out-there types do stuff publically, well, then, that's all anybody outside the various Pagan groups has as a point of reference. That isn't good for anyone. I'm not sure how much my (generally pretty disjointed) blatherings contribute. Several folks on my flist/reading list are far more knowledgeable and experienced, so it's tempting to leave the Posting of Non-Fluffed-Up Non-Whacked-Out Pagany Stuff to them. But doing so means that then there's just Teacher Types and IRAB* Pagans at opposite ends of the spectrum. So, in the interests of filling in the middle hues someplace, I'm thinking to post a bit more of this sort of thing, fwiw. Which may turn out to be good intentions that go nowhere, but August 1 is coming up, so there's the Gratitude Project if nothing else.

*IRAB=I read a book (and thus am now the expert on everything)


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