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Body is cooperating a bit more on the female angle. Less so on the fibro angle today. This most likely has to do with having gone in to work yesterday on 4 hrs sleep. I hate being on-call. Still am for the rest of the weekend. Nobody else is allowed to be sick this weekend!

Or to die for that matter. (Because I totally have any say whatsoever in these things.) One of my troupemates passed away suddenly in her sleep Thursday night. I still am not digesting that. Her husband and daughter are in a similar state of shock from what I've seen. I know I've mentioned that our troupe has a member in her 70s, so I should probably add that is not who it was. I'd be no less sad in that case, but I think I'd have been far less bowled over with shock, as this friend was substantially younger.

On the brighter side, I'm off to celebrate my niece's 2nd birthday today (which is one of the reasons I have declared no one else from work is allowed to call out). And offering drabbles at [livejournal.com profile] hpcon_envy to keep myself busy during any of the minutes I'm not already doing stuff this weekend. Not trying drawbles this year. Hands are too uncooperative.

Now to find the energy to crawl out of bed ...
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Lead CNA and I are cleaning up a resident who has had, in her words, "a really bad emergency." (No kidding. *grabs clothespin for nose*)

Resident: So how are you dear?
Me (worried she may actually be coming down with something): Oh, I'm fine. More importantly, how are you feeling?
Resident: Shitty. *giggles*
Me: *if not for the state of hands & gloves, would facepalm*

On that note, off I go for more.
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How is everyone doing? I'm sorry I've been crap at keeping up with LJ. Work continues to kick my ass. I'm in my 3rd week covering for the regular evening supervisor's vacation, which is moderately insane (how am I supervising nurses with 20+ years experience???), and am finally getting a bit less panicky about it all. Hence the reading the flist more and attempting to get back into the swing of things.

So, of course, I went on a writing sign-up binge. I haven't written since the summer, to go by my [livejournal.com profile] 5_for_five tracking spreadsheet, and sadly that sounds about right. Mostly I've about had the energy for mindless games when online or passively reading.

I didn't get my act sufficiently together for [livejournal.com profile] tw_bigbang, but I've modified the idea and run with it for [livejournal.com profile] tw_classic_bb. ETA: before anyone else has a minor coronary reading that before they see the banner below, TW=Torchwood, not Twilight. You know, that other batshit big-T fandom. :-D That seems to be taking off better, though I'm hanging onto the 3k or so I got done of the original to play with another time maybe. One of the nice things about [livejournal.com profile] tw_classic_bb is you have the option of a "mini-bang" of 7500 words, which is where I'm aiming for starters. If the characters get chatty, well, then maybe it'll go big.

Also signed up for the [profile] who_reversebang and Mistletoe and Hallucinogens at [community profile] bowtiesnblasters. Yes, the deadlines are sufficiently staggered to be sane. Ish.

Fest Word MinDue date(s)
[livejournal.com profile] who_reversebang3000Dec 6 check-in
Dec 19 posting starts
[community profile] bowtiesnblasters500 Dec 20
[livejournal.com profile] tw_classic_bb7500 mini
15000 big
Jan 10 draft
Feb 1 posting starts

Okay, the first two are on top of each other, but if I can't crank out 500+ words of Doctor/River before I even get to claim the art prompt for the other? Something is very wrong. What'll kill me is if either of the smallish fics blows up. Not that my fics ever do that. *eyeroll* At least I'm already on a roll writing the one that's due last, so it should be in good shape even though it'll get set aside when I get my prompts for the first two.

Erm, anyone got a TARDIS I can borrow? Vortex manipulator? Time-turner?

In case I've not yet tempted you to join in the two that are still taking sign-ups, here are their shiny banners:

Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups
Come and join us at the [info]who_reversebang

Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups
[livejournal.com profile] tw_classic_bb

So, what's everyone else up to?
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Two fandoms, two gutting character deaths. In one, I'm startlingly okay with following where canon has gone since (while still preferring to read & write fic that either ignores or fixes said character death). In the other, I have yet to see (and have no desire to see) either half of the final installment in movie form, lest said character death be made more real once seen on-screen, as if I don't believe I'd still be able to buy into or write fic in which said character death either never happened or is fixed. Have read and written more in fandom #2. Am currently reading and writing more in fandom #1. Oh, and I've had an additional two years to process the character death in fandom #2, in which I'd actually *like* to be writing more but have been struggling with for rather a while now.

WTF, brain?

In other news, due to a call-out, I came off orientation a day early. Managed okay, so far as I know (guess I'll find out what I missed, documentation-wise, on Monday, as I'm sure there was something). Am once again having moments of "WTF was I thinking with this whole nursing thing?" Hopefully they'll pass.
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Or at least, that was my first guess as to why we had a pitcher of cranberry juice from the future in the fridge.

Either that or someone in the kitchen is in a real hurry for it to be August instead of just having turned July. I like the first version better, even if it means I missed meeting the Doctor and the Ponds. Now if I could just figure out why it was so important to convey a pitcher of cranberry juice from next month to a random extended care facility in Connecticut ...

Meanwhile, orientation proceeds apace, and my favorite orienter (they don't use the term preceptor or, in fact, any useful word to denote "nurse I've been paired with during orientation") cut me relatively loose tonight, staying in range for questions and to make sure I wasn't doing anything dangerous/absurd but mostly leaving me to it, and it went pretty well. Tomorrow night we're going to work on getting me signed off on some skills that simply aren't required right now on my wing but are elsewhere in the facility.

Admittedly, I'm still having moments of "WTF have I gotten myself into?!?!?!" But they're decreasing a bit. A bit. Though the moments of, "Damn, I should've gone to LPN school first" are, if anything, increasing. Because, with alarming consistency, I'm seeing far more empathy, common sense, and competence from my coworkers who are LPNs (including my favorite orienter) than those who are RNs. This bothers me on more levels than I can count.

I've been awful about keeping up on the flist between one thing and another. I need to thin out some comms or something, because I do go back to "skip 60" or so at least every other day, but I know I'm missing stuff. Sorry. :-(
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Finished Cryoburn the other night. Even knowing a particular character development was destined to be coming up, even seeing all the foreshadowing for exactly what it was, that was quite the gut-punch. No wonder I put off reading it. Cut for a spoiler that really isn't a spoiler, since Bujold had said all along that the next book would contain this particular element. )

Also, an epilogue composed of self-contained, exactly 100 word drabbles? With a definition for the unfamiliar of what a drabble is? Stroke of genius. Admittedly, if someone did that in fandom, as we're so accustomed to drabbles and drabble-series, it might not have gone over quite as well. But it was such a surprise and the format worked so well for what she was doing that I just loved it.

In other news, orientation at work proceeds apace. I definitely prefer working the floor to supervising, despite the fact I'm basically just pushing pills. I apparently have two more weeks of orientation scheduled, plus the iv certification class that hasn't been scheduled yet. But I'm definitely feeling more confident about it all.

The 3rd annual [community profile] wintercompanion Summer/Holiday fest has started with a lovely bit of Jack/Nine hurt/comfort. I'm looking forward to seeing them all. Very cool approach they took with the prompts, too, using the "psychic password" format we encountered in "The Doctor's Wife" of a color, a number, an emotion, and an aroma. Very effective and evocative, and the prompts are open for people to write/draw/create other things throughout the month, which should lead to seeing some intriguing variety on how people run with them.

I think I'm about over my "What the hell was I thinking?" attack re: my [community profile] femslash11 assignment and have moved into research mode, which is a very good thing.

And now, time to run around and do stuff to get ready for this weekend's Anadikia retreat. Coming up with appropriate offerings has been rather challenging. (I got it into my head that I needed special liquor offerings for each of the Temple patrons. Ginger liqueur for Zeus and Oracle of the Sun Shiraz for Apollon were easy enough to find. I'd wanted retsina for Pan, but nobody around here even knows what it is, much less carries it, including the place Tim found it a year or so ago. So I went with Bully Hill wine that has a goat for a logo. *facepalm*)

Have a great weekend all! Don't break the intarwebz while I'm gone!
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I'm vaguely terrified that one of the first things I got to learn to do today was complete an incident report.

However, at the moment, I'm slightly more worried about what I've done to my body with the bizarro schedules of the past two years, which have included "Thursdays from Hell" that consisted of either class during the day and work 4 to midnight, clinical during the day and work 4 to midnight, or tutoring during the day and work 4 to midnight. Because as much as I like to say I don't have an internal clock anymore, the thing is, it's just not a diurnal one. It's a weekly one. I've adapted to essentially being a first-shifter Monday through Wednesday, pulling a double on Thursday, and then working third shift for the weekend.

That was great while it was needed. However, I have to be back to work for stupid-o'clock tomorrow (how much am I going to love next week when I'm on second shift where I belong?), so it would be nice if I could, you know, fall asleep sometime before midnight. Except my body clearly realizes it's Thursday and thinks I still have another couple of hours of work to go. *facepalm*
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Still no nursing job. The class behind us was apparently advised not to bother looking for jobs and just to apply for transition-to-BSN programs. One of my classmates looks like she's going to be working in NC, and she was the most aggressive person I've spoken to yet in terms of applying for absolutely every possible position in-state. I'm holding out a slim hope for one of the organizations that's slated to come to the Career Expo this week. I already work for an agency that's under the same state mental health division and have done for almost 10 years now, so maybe that will count for something.

Meanwhile, my car STB. Head gasket. I'm not plunking another grand into it. Going to look at a used vehicle in a little bit. If it can buy me a year or two and hold some trade-in value, it'll be worth it. Mine needs more work than just the gasket, some of it computerized, otherwise fixing it might be the better deal.

In rather better news, it looks like I'm going to make it to Aeternitas for at least some of the Friday programming. Definitely should be there in time for the readings in the evening. (Well, assuming I have a vehicle. I'd better have a &*^%ing vehicle by then.)
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I was annoyed with myself earlier for picking up the Good Friday day shift, grousing that working 24 hours out of a span of 40 is dumb. Then I realized: I do nearly the same thing every Thursday evening through Saturday morning, just split across two jobs and two hours less, and usually with 8 hours of clinical first on Thursday. I really do have this mental block in which I think I'm still 19 and don't really need sleep. Ah well. Took the rest of the Thursday evening shifts off for April, because it was clearly getting to be too much, so that's something. Definitely have to remember when planning summer tutoring though: no Friday hours. Working during the day on Friday = badness. It was nice, though, if hectic and crazy-making, to work a day shift at my primary job, which I'd not done in probably over a year.

Side note re: clinical - I ended up calling out sick for it this week. Horrible cold + already sick patients = badness. This means I'll have a make-up to do in May, which is kind of a bummer, but also kind of unavoidable. I'm just glad that the class as a whole has worked around the other two make-up days already, so I should still be done with clinical before the final exam. Meanwhile, this cold is trying to turn into bronchitis, and I'm glad I went to the doc Thurs after all, even though I felt lame at the time. I just had a feeling it was going to go bad and didn't want to be stuck using the ER on a holiday weekend. She trusted me that I wasn't being ridiculous and really do know antibiotics are useless for a cold. In fact, I was only asking for a scrip (for antibiotics and an inhaler) to hold in case it turned into bronchitis over the weekend. Instead, I got told to just start the Z-pack immediately, because the cough was already starting, and in me that's usually a half-step away from bronchitis, so why not just make it unlikely for bacteria to set up housekeeping before they settle in. I still almost held off, but am glad I didn't, as it is moving down inexorably into my bronchi, as I'd sort of expected, creating a lovely environment for random bacteria to take over, except HA! they should not be able to do so. Since I was filling that, I went ahead and filled the inhaler too. Haven't needed it yet. Don't want to use it. (Because, dude, if caffeine makes my heart do the Macarena, can you just see what albuterol will do? PVC party!) But it's reassuring to have it just in case. She stuck a bunch of refills on it too. Guess she was getting antsy about me not routinely carrying one, which I'd kind of picked up on over past visits, even though I've yet to have a full-on "asthma attack." Probably just as well to stop tempting fate.

This may yet result in cancellation of Easter plans for the same reason I called out of clinical. My Dad is almost as compromised a cardiac patient as anyone on the floor at clinical, so even though I shouldn't be carrying any bacterial pathogens to pass around, what with the antibiotics, if I'm still sneezing and coughing, I have to assume I'm shedding cold viruses, which he doesn't need either. Not sure how I feel about that. Mixed, I guess, because there's family dysfunction and religious dissonance (I'd so much rather be doing Delphinia at HTAZP than celebrating a holiday that's no longer part of my faith) on the one hand and the definite sense that I may not get that many more visits with him on the other. Ah well. We'll see how it goes.
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When [personal profile] annietalbot gave me the heads-up about Lois McMaster Bujold being at Boskone, I really should've taken the Fri-Sat shift off to be sure I could make it up for at least part of today. At 5pm, she was scheduled to (and presumably did) give a 45 minute reading from her new VK book, Cryo Burn. Panels and autographing earlier in the day. I was, theoretically, going to attempt to go up just for the reading, but didn't get anything like enough sleep for that to be a sane idea.

This is the third Boston con I've attempted to convince myself I could "just run up to" without taking any time off work. Three strikes and that nonsense idea is out. Just because it's local doesn't mean it can be squeezed in between a couple of third shifts. I have the pool time; I just need to use it.

Starting to come back to life now, which is good as I've still got 8 hrs to go. Little work-work to do, thank goodness, but plenty of studying. Plus disc one of "Doctor Who and the Silurians." I'm not crazy for Three yet, but it generally takes a bit for me to warm up to each Doctor. I am, however, growing increasingly fond of the Brigadier.

Watched Sherlock Holmes with dinosaurs last night. Hated mailing it back to Netflix, so I guess I'll be buying that at some point. There were apparently lots of things to pick up on for the true Holmes buff, which I am not, but even without that it was enjoyable. Hysterically funny at points, even. Well, it would be. Because it's Sherlock Holmes with dinos. Though, alas, no pteranodon. ;-)

Done with my nearly useless decaf coffee. Time to upgrade and have some green tea, which, in all honesty, I should've made sure I'd had before I ever left the apartment. The only thing decaf coffee really does is stave off the caffeine headache, not wake me up. Unless it's decaf cappuccino, and I didn't leave myself enough time to go to Starbucks. Annoyed as I still am with my coworker, I probably was unintentionally rude, which I honestly didn't mean to be however much she may have deserved it. Dammit.

Also, I've been pretty complainy of late, which I don't really like to see. It's probably more obvious since there hasn't actually been any fic to post to offset the bitchery. Need to work on that. Both being less complainy and managing to write anything that is not TFTWSD and thus postable. Even if it's not something from the backlog of birthday fics. Maybe I'll make that a goal for this week.
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No good deed goes unpunished.

Cut to spare your flist. Click at your own risk. )
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Under a quarter mile at times? Seriously? How about ten inches past the end of my hood for most of the 8 mile drive in? *eyeroll*

And ooh, thundersnow. Can't wait for that.

Ah well. With any luck, the roads will be mostly plowed by the time I get out of here at 10am. Meanwhile, I've got the second half of our Christmas cards to write, some classic Doctor Who to watch while doing it, and an otherwise nice and quiet office. *knocks wood*

Meanwhile, second shift person was much more personable than usual, most likely because I got in even before 11 to get her out of here. She's only been here about a month and has been almost systematically alienating everybody here. Considering I only see her at change of shift Saturday nights, it's rather impressive that she's managed to include me in that. That said, I suggested that if a similar situation arises in the future, she just freaking call me earlier. I don't mind getting someone out of here early for a storm. On the other hand, I pointed out that if I'm not the one relieving her, she'd best be prepared to potentially get frozen in for a double. Gods know I have several times back when I was the four to midnight person.


Dec. 17th, 2009 06:37 pm
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Got the signed copy of the "course substitution" in the mail today. They took Practical Criticism in lieu of English 102. W00t!

Also, they're running Wintersession courses in January, so I've got tutoring hours for the month. The only class running that I could conceivably tutor is the Pharm course I just finished. I honestly wouldn't know how to tutor it other than to show someone how to use a freaking index, but okay. Meanwhile, there's a ton of data entry that needs doing, so that'll be me. Extra money, double yay!

And after tonight, I have just two more shifts of regular work for the year, then I'm off until literally New Year's, when I'll be in for midnight. Looking forward to pretty much just collapsing into a heap for a few days somewhere in there.


Dec. 12th, 2009 02:21 am
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Dear whomever put together the flier for the big agency interfaith thingy,

I realize that times are tough, people are stretched thin, and it may be a bit hard to find someone with the time to proofread your flier before you go to print. And I also am entirely aware that we all make goofy mistakes and generally don't pick up on them ourselves.

Given that, may I humbly suggest that, while it's not the be-all and end-all of proper writing, turning on spell check might avoid the problem of having your flier announce that the event will be on "FIDAY" in big, bold, 32-point font?

Just a thought,
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Interesting backstory on the origins of the Cylons. The clash between the dominant polytheism and nascent monotheism alternated between intriguing and annoying me. Given where things ended up by the end of BSG, annoying sort of dominated. Not sure I'll sustain enough interest to watch more of it, if it gets picked up. Considering I can't even be arsed to see if it's been already, probably not.

Was amused to see the cigarette-smoking man from the X-Files as Minister of Defense. Was more amused that throwing "cigarette-smoking man" into the search box on IMDB was enough to turn up his profile and confirm it was the same actor.

*looks @ other DVD that was brought to work*

Maybe it would've been a better idea to watch "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" before the rather more modern and high-tech sci-fi stuff rather than after. *facepalm*

Then again, aside from the occasional "Wait! *rewind* Was that a useful canon fact I actually might want to know?" moments, I'm finding that at least this super-early DW stuff is mostly background noise while I do homework anyway, so I suppose it doesn't matter.

Oh, yeah. Good thing I did show to work tonight. The blurry stuff inside the box that had been drawn over my initial on the schedule did not, apparently, actually indicate that someone else was working after all. Still no idea WTF happened there.
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*pokes head out and looks around*

I am actually still here. Just woefully bad at keeping up lately. Have completely and utterly missed at least one flister having Major Life Stuff until after the fact and probably done a pathetic job of apologizing. That means I've probably completely and utterly missed way more than that, so if there's something you've posted and wondered, "WTF? Why hasn't she said anything?" then please link me.

Meanwhile, there's some newsy stuff I've run across this week that I decided to share. Thanks to [personal profile] rm for the first and [personal profile] estaratshirai for the second.

Rape as a pre-existing condition. Nutshell version: get raped, receive HIV prophylaxis, become uninsurable. Or just be denied coverage if you're raped a second time, because now it's a pre-existing condition. How there are people that can still say the health care system in this country is not severely broken when stuff like this happens, I don't know. I get disagreeing over how to fix it. I absolutely do not grok thinking there's nothing to fix, and I've actually had conversations with people who've tried to argue this.

On the flip side, there's an article about a surgeon in Colorado who does genital mutilation reversal surgery and a group called Clitoraid that helped fund his training. I had no idea that was even possible, but am so glad to hear that it is and that it's being done.

And, as catch-up posts are wont to do, this got long, so here come the cuts.

Clinical, class, and reason #15 why my OB clinical instructor is definitely my fave for this class )
Date night and future travel plans )
Writing )

That's probably enough of an update for now. Time I got some stuff done around here. Not necessarily work stuff, especially as the 2nd shift person kindly did most of my usual cleaning for me, but, y'know, stuff. (Aside: I'm apparently off tomorrow night. I have no recollection of requesting it off. It would make my life easier on Sunday, as I have a shower to attend, but then again, it doesn't look like anyone has taken the shift. Weird.)
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So, I mentioned that this past Thursday appears to have been Southeast Connecticut Fail Day. The more I look around, the more I think the whole week has been International Fail Week, but I've got enough to rant about.

Dunno why I didn't go ahead and write this yesterday. Did I mention this was a rant? Logic has no place in it. So why was I waiting to be coherent? *shrugs* Though not being incoherent is a reasonable goal, hopefully acoomplished.

The language fail and race fail went hand in hand, as they are often wont to do, when we had our "Intro to Geriatric Nursing" lecture, and thus, there was the age fail to go with them. The size fail appeared to come directly out of left field. Here are some of the comments my classmates were making that had my blood boiling. Did I mention that I ended up stuck with a seat back in the "chatty corner" of the classroom this semester? So most of this didn't filter up to the front to the prof. I wish I could say the same for myself.

Lecture point (and actually, this was in the ortho segment before we even hit geri): The various arthritic diseases have huge health care costs associated with them, and the incidence of arthritic diseases and disorders increase with age.
Classmate: DNRs would fix that.

As someone with an arthritic disorder, can I just say thanks so much for that? While I'm a firm believer in DNRs, I can't say that they're particularly applicable to arthritic disorders in and of themselves. In fact, I can't imagine where in seven hells that comment came from, and I probably don't want to know. What I do want to know is why this classmate is going into nursing at all with an attitude like that.

Lecture point: With the changes in demographics, geriatric nursing is a growing specialty.
Classmate: Something I didn't entirely make out that included "fat nursing" accompanied by a sneer and several giggles

Dear classmate, I'm not sure if your problem is with overweight nurses or caring for overweight patients. Either way, I'd like to point out the numerous times you've thanked me for saving your academic ass. Look back on them fondly, because I'm not all that inclined to give any future repeat performances. Sincerely, your fat classmate who sits two seats away from you

Lecture point: Also, the demographics within the aging population are changing, and there is a growing need for nurses with the ability to speak more than one language. Some statistics about racial demographic shifts. A classmate up at the front of the room shared that one of the computerized med systems automatically gives both Spanish and English drug info.
Several classmates: Various comments about that being "just wrong" and "learn the language" and other crap.

Dear classmates, WTF? No, seriously. I realize the immediate area here is pretty white-bread, at least until you get a bit closer to New London. I remember being hugely weirded out by that when I first moved here from Boston. So I guess I shouldn't be quite so surprised that there are folks still just starting to get used to the idea of not being a 90-something percent majority and resisting like hell. But can I just point out two reasons why, even if that's your attitude overall--which is still in dire need of adjusting, imo, because whether you like it or not, these demographics are shifting and you can either adapt or get left in the dust--it has no place in healthcare? First, when people are hurt or sick, they're going to have a harder time communicating in a secondary language, even if they're otherwise pretty fluent in it. (Never mind that with several dementias, they may very well totally lose a language they were once pretty fluent in.) Second, if a nurse needs to look up a med, and his or her first language isn't English, wouldn't you rather they had the option to read it in their own language to make sure they're not missing some critical nuance? Of course, given the demographics of our immediate area, I'll grant that Creole, Polish, French, and Mandarin are at least as needed as Spanish, if not a bit more.

So there's the race, age, size, and language fail. Then, on to work for the other two.

Client 1: You can't say stuff like that around her. She's religious.
Client 2: What kind of religious?
Client 3: Oh, I'm non-denominational.
Client 2: Then how can you call that religious? You have to be some kind of specific religion to be religious.
Client 4: Hey, everybody has their beliefs, and you have to respect them.

Huge round of applause for Client 4 in my head. So, that bit of fail was interrupted early, and without me or any other staff member having to intervene. I do wish I'd caught what "stuff like that" referred to though.

Not much later, yet another client was commenting on what they had on television. Key phrases included, "They're all gay on there" and "that's disgusting." Mind you, this is a client I've had to have the, "Whatever your opinion of any particular person or group may be, derogatory remarks towards or about that person or group are not appropriate or acceptable, and you've signed a code of conduct agreeing to that" conversation with. Repeatedly. All I had to do was walk into the room to get an apology out of said client for this behavior and acknowledgment that it was inappropriate. Several other clients appeared relieved by this, at least two of whom had probably been trying to work out how to respond to this themselves.

Then I looked at the tv to see WTF they were watching. I'd been thinking probably Will & Grace, with Buffy as a close second (though that would normally have inspired a witchcraft rant from this client either instead or as well). I'm too out of touch with what's on regular broadcast tv to have any other guesses. It appeared to be Tom & Jerry. Yeah, I don't know either.

And of course my fail in all of this is that other than the very last incident, I did nothing but fume and resist the urge to slap people. Not that I could've done much else during class, but there could've been a conversation or two afterwards. Bleargh.
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They actually hadn't been bad through September, just long. This one? A bit more messed up than usual. Some of the things are fun. Others less so. I'll cut the work crap, though the third one is mildly funny.

Reason #984 why it makes no sense to have me case managing someone, even short-term to cover a leave of absence: )

Reason #1047 why my boss, though a very nice guy, is a horrible boss: )

Reason #354 why fandom and work aren't really mixy things, though not in a *bad* way: )

In other news, I've apparently now got a rabid choreo bunny to match the rabid plot bunny. Because that's just what I need. Well, actually, it'd get me moving a bit more, which would be good. And there did seem to be a not-entirely-clear-but-there link between choreographing "Chinese Burn" and finally spitting out the Faith/Remus stories, so maybe there's just something about the process that helps me get into a character's head?

Or, you know, the Muses just find it irresistibly funny watching what happens when rabid bunnies of various creative flavors take a chunk out of me. That said, when I lit the candle at Their shrine tonight, there were extra thanks. I miss dancing. It, like writing, is one of the things that keeps me moderately sane. The fic-that-would-not-die and now this choreo bunny may well be the things that keep me from completely losing it this semester, or, if they don't, at least I'll enjoy losing it a lot more than I would without them.


Sep. 26th, 2009 07:04 am
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Apparently the state got its budgetary act together and paid the agency I work for, so we got our tuition reimbursements after all. W00t!!!
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They took folks on an outing to the beach tonight. I'm guessing we have a pass for the state beaches, otherwise, that was a rather expensive outing.

The nearest state beach is a lovely place. Everyone had a good time. They couldn't stop talking about it. Those of you familiar with both the New London area and the fandom referenced in my prior post may be catching on right about now.

I didn't catch on at first. I've been familiar with said state beach since we moved here in '99. Until tonight, I hadn't really given its name any particular thought. Nor did hearing it come up in a tv show bring the beach to mind. Until about the fourth time someone mentioned it tonight. Then it got amusing. Then it got old. By the time my relief person arrived at midnight, I was about done with hearing and reading that particular name. Alas, there was no escaping it.

Relief Person: Why is this cooler sitting here wide open?
Me: Oh, they went to the beach earlier. I was just leaving it to air out and be sure it was dry before I put it away. *closes and puts away*
RP: Really? That's nice. Which one?
Me: *sigh* Harkness


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