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The semester is over(ish)*, [insanejournal.com profile] adventdrabbles is up and running, and I see the [community profile] fandom_stocking stockings are being hung with care. Time to do some writing that is fun!

Actually, I've already been doing a bit over at [insanejournal.com profile] adventdrabbles. Somehow this has turned into a flufftastic Supernatural series of Destiel ficlets. Somewhere along the way (like, day 1) I decided that since several canon episodes are named after Led Zeppelin songs, this is how I would name the fics. So, fun new process: look at prompt, try to find a LedZep song that fits, and go from there. So far, we've got Hots on for Nowhere, Nobody's Fault But Mine (and how is that not already the name of a canon ep? It's such a recurring theme!), Candy Store Rock, In the Evening, and Misty Mountain Hop. May have to venture to other bands at some point, which is also a thing that happens in canon. Not that every episode title is a song, just enough to make it "a thing." What is super ironic is that okay, every fandom that I've said was too insane to play in, I've ended up playing in *coughharrypotterbuffydoctorwhotorchwoodcough*, but this is the fandom that squicked me so hard from the outset I avoided even watching the show! Until April. And then marathoned it until I almost but not quite caught up for the Season 8 finale. And yes, I am among those gutted by the mid-season finale that just happened. Yeah, doomed.**

Anyway, if you are doing the [community profile] fandom_stocking thing, please drop me a comment with the URL of your stocking. While the nature of this meme is no obligations or guarantees, I do want to try to write something for at least the folks I know who are participating. That was actually supposed to be the main point of this post, as evidenced by the title, but then I got sidetracked. I think this semester has broken my brain. So yes, please, drop me your stocking link!

*Still have research-y stuff to do even as I await approval from the Human Subjects Committee, plus practicum-related journaling. But actual going-to-class-and-creating-presentations? That is done.

**Am wondering again what the converse of Brit-picking is called (Yank-picking just doesn't have the same ring) and how to offer that service in SPN fandom. I do now more than ever totally get how annoying Brits find random Americanisms in HP/DW/TW fic, because while there may at some point be a pair or more of boots in the Impala, it does not have one of its own as a permanent fixture, and the only time Dean may have thrown a crisp packet anywhere is when they went to dig up Crowley's bones in Scotland. :-D


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