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Happy Wednesday evening to everyone else.

Has it really been 4 weeks since I've posted? *hangs head*

And now I'm in to say "Hi, I survived Sandy" and to post a meme: In honor of All Hallow's Eve (otherwise known as Halloween), I'm inviting trick-or-treaters to my 'door'. Comment "Trick or Treat" to this post and... well, you know the drill. Treats can be anything that strikes my fancy (pics of your fave actors or pairings, one sentence fics, graphics, a few words why I'm glad to have you on my flist, etc. etc.). The more "houses" to visit the more fun it'll be, so go ahead, open your journal and help spread the fun!
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For a couple of you, happy Delphinia and/or Poseidon Hippios!

Whichever may fit, I wish you all the enjoyment and spiritual fulfillment of your holiday.

If none of the above fit because you're not celebrating anything special, have a great weekend!
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So at least one of the topics [personal profile] sahiya gave me got me thinking even after posting my babble. Always a dangerous thing.

Ever since we moved to Connecticut, we've cut way, way back on decorating for any holidays. There's a disgusting mask on the front door that Patsfan put up one Halloween that never came down, and for a few years we had a potted tree that came in the house (or eventually just the front porch) for December, but that's about it.

A lot of that is a combination of space and work, too little and too much respectively. With regard to holidays like Christmas and Easter, there's also Patsfan's cynicism about them and my total shift to not particularly wanting to celebrate them as they're no longer "mine."

But right now, I'm thinking ... why don't I have at least a couple of dolphiny-things to hang up for tomorrow? Granted, there are a couple of dolphin decorations around the place anyway, but it'd be kind of nice to have something that comes out just for Delphinia, for one example.

Maybe I'll collect some of the random dolphins from around the place onto Apollo's shrine for now, and think about what I'd like to create for next year. Maybe a garland of some kind. White with blue dolphins. Could theoretically be made to look like dolphins in surf, if I could work out how, and figure out what sort of material. *ponders*

It's funny, really, the way I make more of Delphinia (celebrating Apollo of the Dolphins) than I do of Thargelia (Apollo's birthday), which by all sanity should be the bigger holiday. Part of that may be the dolphin aspect, and the other part might be that Thargelia is also Artemis' birthday, and I feel no connection whatsoever to Her. In fact, on the odd occasion that I've approached Her, the response has been something along the lines of, "Oh, you. You hang out with my brother, right?" So, um, the lack of much connection (or interest in any connection) seems entirely mutual, at least through my admittedly totally subjective filter.

So, yeah. Thinking about doing more with actually decorating my home for at least the more important (to me anyway) holidays.
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Have backed it the hell up. Going to attempt to update Flash in Firefox, as I *think* that's part of the problem. Meanwhile, I've been meaning to write & post this for some time.

Comment to this post, and I'll give you seven topics to talk about, which you then post your LJ/DW, and so the meme spreads.

Here are the topics [personal profile] sahiya gave me: first fandom, cooking, holidays, hometown, favorite fic ever, weather, travel

This is going to get long, I can tell.

First Fandom )

Cooking )

Holidays )

Hometown )

Favorite Fic Ever )

Weather )

Travel )

Whew! Okay, there's my 7-topic babble. Comment to get your own 7 topics! ETA: In the absence of coherent thought, which abandoned me sometime this afternoon, I will probably raid your tags and/or interests listed on your profile. You are duly warned.
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First: Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating, and happy Sunday to everyone else!

Second: Squee! My Mistletoe and Hallucinogens gift at [community profile] bowtiesnblasters posted, and it is lovely!

Title: I See Your Face
Author: [personal profile] keenquing
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating/Pairing: PG, River/Doctor
Prompt: Sting's "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You"
Why you should go read it: It's a lovely ... I almost want to call it a character sketch, though that isn't quite right, but it has very cool insights into River's character and how she views the Doctor. And it's both Christmassy and not, with wonderfully telling details.

Third: My M&H fic has also posted. If you're up (heh) for a bit of Eleven/River/Jack, swing on by and check out Chance Would Be a Fine Thing as well.
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I kind of saw this coming (heh) from a mile away, given how some of the questions were set up. I actually think Martha or Donna would make more sense, but I'm hardly complaining.

You are Captain Jack Harkness
You are Captain Jack Harkness
Take The Doctor Who Personality Test and Horoscope today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
You are a charming person who is not afraid to try new things (in the bedroom or otherwise). In situations of high stress, you step up to the plate and pull out the pistol you have been smuggling in your bum to fight your way out. You live life hard and fast and ensure everyone involved has a good time. You are also not beyond bending a few laws (natural or otherwise) to accomplish your goals. You will one day introduce every member of your office staff to the joys of homosexuality.

Also, I am made of fail in the Gratitude Project this year. Let's just consider most days were all about me reminding myself that I'm grateful to have a job, any job, in this economy, and call it done.

Which, calendar-wise, the project is for the year, so Happy Mabon to those celebrating, and Happy Fall/Spring (depending what side of the equator you're on) to those who aren't!
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... I simply have not adapted to living in a state where home fireworks are not only legal, they're completely pervasive. I have, at least, stopped freaking out at the huge tents selling them in various parking lots, not to mention the bleeping wall of them one encounters upon walking into WalMart. I have not, however, become blase enough not to cringe when I see them being sold in gas station stores. Because, hello? Explosives in a gas station? I get that they're not big explosives, but there are lots of them, and, you know, it's a gas station!!!

Actually, I think they may be legal in Massachusetts now too, but they don't seem as pervasive there. Or maybe that's just me not noticing.

The drive home tonight was, er, fun though. My car may have gotten a tad scorched by the spark-spewing thingies some idiot had on their front lawn entirely too close to the road, and my next door neighbors (heh, mistyped "neighbots" at first, which might actually fit better) shot off a ton of the damned things. At least it all seems to be settling down.

As it's my brother's birthday, I spent most of the afternoon and evening hanging out with him and watching Star Wars. The one area where he can completely and totally out-geek me, hands down. So it was fitting that there was a marathon on. Missed most of Ep 3, the only one I've not seen, but I did finally see most of the "new with added wtfery" version of Ep 4. Dude, wtf with the Greedo thing? Seriously, Han did shoot first, and it was asinine and looked horribly patched together to alter that bit. Never mind the scene with Jabba. *eyeroll* Was much better having him be this mysterious entity who suddenly turned out to be a massive slug later. So, yeah, that was fun. No, seriously, it was. It was like MST3K in my parents' living room. No wonder they retreated to the porch.

Oh, and hey, it's also Independence Day, the real reason people light off explosives on my brother's birthday. (Yes, my inner 4 yo may still have slight issues with that. LOL) So for those here in the States, I hope you've had a great Fourth. Everybody else, I hope you've had a great weekend as well!

And now that it's just about over, can we please stop selling the explosives in gas stations, at least until next year?
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First up: happy Beltaine and/or Thargelia to those celebrating one, the other, or both this weekend, and happy May to everyone else!

Of course, there are some folks who have May birthdays, too. *checks LJ, IJ, and DW*

Happy May birthday to [personal profile] harmony_bites, [personal profile] stellamoon, [personal profile] ever_obsessed, [personal profile] dreamy_dragon73, [profile] melusin_79, [personal profile] gm_weasley, [personal profile] brock_tn, [personal profile] lux_astraea, [personal profile] hobgoblinn, [profile] jo19844_twfic, [profile] mistythorin, [profile] septentrion1970, [personal profile] ramie_k, [profile] minuet99, [profile] _odella_, [profile] skitty_cat, and [personal profile] lechatnomade. Hope you all have wonderful birthdays and happy, healthy years to come!
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Or just happy Sunday!

Whether you "do" Valentine's or not, have a look at today's Foxtrot comic strip and have a chuckle. :-)
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I think that just about covers it, at least for the Northern Hemisphere. Anybody celebrating Lammas or Lughnassadh Down Under? If so, a happy one to you as well!

Meanwhile, middle age has clearly arrived in force. I'm now the proud (?) owner of "progressive" bifocals. The only thing "progressive" I've noticed so far is the headache when wearing them, but I'm fighting the urge to just switch back to my old glasses in hopes that'll get me to adapt. Besides which, they were freaking expensive, so I really can't just give up that easily. (Insurance covered the exam and $80 towards glasses, which I think maybe covered one arm and earpiece. Ouch.) So I guess I should just stock up on Tylenol for the next little while.

As far as the summer, there's no sign on the hospital website of the internship I'd been planning to apply for. There was talk of it being cut, and it looks like it may have been. On the one hand, this is disappointing. On the other, Infinitus just got much more likely, at least schedule-wise.

I should probably stop procrastinating and get ready for school, huh?
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So today, by at least some calendars, is Mabon. I haven't kept up posting daily-ish gratitudes (or, well, much of anything) since the 8th, and I'm not going to try to catch up two weeks of daily grats. But at various times over the past two weeks, I've found myself grateful for the following:

* friends and classmates who ground me when I need it
* friends who understand when I suddenly am drowning in school
* friends who understand when an absolutely rabid plotbunny has taken my brain captive and won't let me write anything else (I will get those birthday fics done someday, though, I promise!)
* iced green tea, my new favorite soft drink
* that what hit me in the face on my first "active" day of clinical was sterile water and not any of the other numerous things it could've been
* patients who remind me why the hell I'm putting myself through this torture in the first place (and oddly, it's the really tough ones that everyone else would love to pass off to someone else that really manage this)
* my OB clinical instructor, who handled my little breakdown in her office admirably well
* the lovely lady in the campus counseling office who helped me put the next three weeks and all the "issues" they've raised into perspective
* my med-surg clinical instructor, whose matter-of-fact attitude makes it easier to cope with just about anything
* my boss at the tutoring center, who took my decision to not tutor at all during my OB rotation startlingly well
* Patsfan, who has been cooking for me on both of his days off for the past few weeks, as I furiously write care plans on Monday and then collapse on Tuesday, not to mention any number of other things he does such that our apartment is not quite ready to be condemned yet, despite my complete and utter neglect of, well, all things housekeeping

Whew! And I'm sure there's been more.

So that ends this year's round of the Gratitude Project. Happy Mabon to those who celebrate it! And Happy Autumn to all in the northern hemisphere, and Happy Spring to those in the southern!
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And happy August 1 to everybody else!

August birthday post was going to be melded with this one, but is going to have to wait until later, when I'm a bit less tired and apt to miss somebody. *g*


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